I’m a fighter… Are you with me?

5 facts about positive people

1. They don’t just have a good day. They MAKE a good day. 

2. The past stays in the past. 

3. They are empowered. They do not blame others and are not victims. 

5. They do not let fear interfere with their lives. 

We all have challenges and obstacles in life. How you handle those challenges can make or break ya. What kinds of things have YOU overcome?  

I’ll start with part of my story and then you go. I’d love to know. 

I had 3 children while in a loveless and empty marriage, was emotionally and mentally abused for years, had my 3 little kids kidnapped from me by my ex husband for weeks and taken to another state, got divorced, had to take out a loan for thousands of dollars to pay for a lawyer, lost my house to foreclosure and moved into a 2 bedroom apartment with my 3 kids, self medicated myself with alcohol to numb the pain, filed for bankruptcy….  

When I say I have changed my life, I’m not kidding. Now your turn.

#fighter #positivity

What in the world is a FOOD MACGUYVER??


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