5 tips to boost self confidence

I absolutely love Chalene Johnson. If you haven’t ever listened to her podcast or followed her on social media you really owe it to yourself to do that ASAP!  

I attended a training with Chalene and she talked about self confidence. Something a TON of us struggle with. 

Here’s 5 tips to boost your self confidence:

1. Understand your personality. Are you an introvert or an extrovert. There is no right or wrong answer here. You just need to understand so that you can realize where you get your energy boosts from (internally or externally) and what depletes your energy stores. 

2. Non verbal communication. Pay attention to your non verbal communication. Ever notice someone who sits or stands tall with their shoulders back and looks you in the eye when they talk to you?  That’s confidence. And smile!  People will feel more connected to you. 

3. Make people feel special. Everyone loves to talk about their favorite subject:  themselves. So ask them questions. Give compliments!  Definitely takes the pressure off of you when you’re focused on being curious about the other person. 

4. Speak with confidence. Have good posture, speak a little louder, smile, and don’t be uncomfortable with a little silence instead of using filler words like “like”. 

5. Practice. You have to practice at anything you want to be good at. So practice with your friends and family. 😊

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