5 Tips on Food Temptation

Morning!! Foooood!!!  It is either helping you or hurting you. Will ONE bad meal totally derail you and cause you to not reach your goals?  No. But will multiple unhealthy meals do that?  Yes. 

On Saturday we had a HUGE fish fry. Lots of yummy side dishes too. The not-so-healthy stuff I had was:  fried fish, about 1/2 cup of pasta salad, beer, chips and dip. The healthy stuff I had was:  deviled eggs (I made with avocado mayo).  So that was my treat meal. 

Sunday we had a huge breakfast. I opted to have eggs, sausage and bacon (uncured, no antibiotics, no sugar) but passed on the pancakes. Then later, my family and I were on the pontoon. My husband made this yummy and delicious cheese dip but it is NOT good for ya. I had to get through that by telling myself ‘this will not make my stomach feel good’, ‘this will not help me reach my goals’, ‘I deserve to feel GOOD’. Sometimes it is meal by meal that you need to re-focus yourself in order to get through it!  Because it is hard!  I get it!  I had this delicious salmon, mashed cauliflower and a salad with olive oil later instead of indulging in the chips and dip. 

5 tips to get through the food temptations:

1. Positive self talk. Tell yourself how eating good, real food will make you feel!

2. Remember your goals!  Visualize the rewards. Will eating that unhealthy food help you achieve your goals?  No. Think about how good it will feel to achieve your goal. 

3. Have something healthy on hand in case you run into situations where you are so hungry and there’s nothing healthy to eat. You can have veggies with plain Greek yogurt mixed with some fresh dill or nuts or a larabar. 

4. Be mindful. Recognize that this is just a craving and it will pass. 

5. Visualize the consequences. Imagine yourself 20 lbs heavier or not being able to fit into your favorite pants. It’s not about shaming yourself but to make good choices.

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What in the world is a FOOD MACGUYVER??


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