How do you stay so positive?

People ask me all the time how I stay so positive. So I figured I would share for the world to know.

1. I put out into the world what I want to get back. I make a conscious effort to connect with people on a deeper level. I am not a fan of ‘some weather we’re having’ conversations. Example:  When I was camping in the woods last weekend I met a beautiful soul named, Jen. Jen is in her 40s. Divorced. No children. No plans to remarry. We talked about why that was, good things and bad. She said she is a loner, she doesn’t have friends. She loves smoking cigarettes and drinking booze. And she will die alone, she gets it. (Her words, not mine). We talked for about 3 hours straight. She hugged me and told me that was the most fulfilling conversation she has had in years.

2. I practice gratitude daily. I will lay in bed either in the morning or evening and really focus on my heart and my breathing. I think about 3 things I’m grateful for. They might be really small things. Like being grateful for my strong legs. They have taken me all kinds of interesting places in the world. You’ve got to have appreciation for the little things.

3. I try to help someone else every single day. There is no way you can be depressed when you help someone else. You take the focus off yourself and bring someone else UP!  Helping someone can be something very small like giving someone a compliment and a smile. Or opening the door for someone as you walk into a building. Or even listening to someone. We all want to be heard and be loved. And I absolutely love giving people hugs.

4. Remember life is happening FOR me and not TO me. I am not a victim. I make my life happy. No one can do it for me and there are literally millions of people who are suffering way more than I ever have.

5. I have empathy and forgiveness in my heart and soul. Last week I called my ex husband and told him I was sorry for how things ended up years ago (bitter divorce and custody battle). I told him I was so thankful that we have our kids because they are my world and his too. The negative energy I was carrying around was toxic for me. I had to release that by letting him know. It felt like a million pounds of bricks were removed from my shoulders.

So there you go. Now go do something positive for yourself.

What in the world is a FOOD MACGUYVER??

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