Are you in the 2%?

About 8 years back I got a bootleg copy of P90X from a friend. I know, i know. Probably wasn’t very good of me. But here’s the kicker…… I did 2 workouts from that whole program and QUIT!!! I bet you’re wondering why. 

I didn’t have anyone helping me be successful. Like 2% of all the peoples in the world can do this totally on their own. They got it down. They meal prep, they know what to eat, they fitness like a boss all the live long day. Well what happens to the other 98%? They struggle. They are on a roller coaster ride of doing good and then failing miserably. Well that was me anyways. I don’t wanna speak for you all. 

👭 Having a mentor helps to stay on track. Having a WHOLE TEAM of people in your corner, cheering you on helps too. Personal trainers are good if you have tons of money to burn. They are like professional adult babysitters making sure you do your workout for that hour. (I’m not knocking trainers, btw, the good ones really know their stuff!). 

So now you know. My coach checks on me to make sure I’m getting after it. I can’t let her down. Sometimes we have an easy time letting ourselves down when no one is watching. 🙈

Join our team now and finally get off the diet roller coaster ride. 

What in the world is a FOOD MACGUYVER??


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