He called me ‘chubby’

We shouldn’t take to heart what someone says to us if the person saying it to us is:  Not important to us and we don’t value their opinion.

In my 20s I was way too insecure and ALWAYS cared what others thought about me. But when I got older I realized that the opinions of others does not matter and I should go about my day not missing a beat. 

However….when the person making the comment is someone you love and trust it is a different story. Of course you care what they think and how they feel. 

REWIND:  My ex husband made a comment about my body one day. He told me that he thought I was ‘chubby’. I was devastated. I don’t even recall what exact size I was back then since I have been so many different sizes in my life but I know it was not the HEAVIST I had ever been because it was before my kids were born. I remember being surprised that he felt that way and definitely hurt.  Hurt to the core.  When your husband gives you negative words about your body, it sticks to your mind and it is so painful. 

FAST FORWARD:  Yesterday I ran and jumped into my (current and LAST!!!) husband’s arms so he’d have to catch me or I would fall and hurt myself. He caught me no problem. And held me up with zero trouble. He later referred to me as ‘dainty’. Lol!  😂 I had to ask “what did you call me?  Dainty??”  He confirmed. 

Ha!  I have never been called that in my life. But I thought it was really cute. And sweet. Now just to give some background… My hubs has loved me and my body no matter what size I was. Over 200 lbs even. Now I’m 4 sizes smaller and he still loves me. How cool is that??

And that’s the way it should be. Kudos to all the guys out there who are giving their ladies lots of compliments and love no matter what size pants she wears. 

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