Sassy pants are ON!

Watch out world!! I got my sassy pants on today!!! These leggings are one of my faves. I got them off zulily for cheaper but the brand is #mahiku and they are amazing! Not see through at all!!
And my shirt. Yeah. This was one that I got from my friend, Lauren. When I first got it, it was tight and I was uncomfortable wearing it without a jacket over the top. 😢 confidence ☝🏼️

Well it’s loose now. 👊🏽💥 

Yessssss!!!! Pretty cool. Soooo much change can happen to your life in a short amount of time if you’re dedicated and have support.

Since the scale is NOT the way I track my progress I measure and take pics instead. 

The scale makes me sad and depressed because I have a number in my head of what it SHOULD say and if it doesn’t say that number I get really discouraged. 

So pretty neat-o. I’m very happy. Happy and STRONG! 💪🏼

Do you all weigh yourself??

What in the world is a FOOD MACGUYVER??


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