4 tips on How to deal with unsupportive people in your life

It’s weird isn’t it? You declare that you are going to do “XYZ” (whatever xyz is) to your spouse or friends or family.  These are the people who you think would be the most supportive of you and be happy for you and they turn on you instead!  I have heard this several times over the past two weeks.

When we stop being just like everyone else and do something different or special, some people stop liking us or feel uncomfortable.

So I guess this is a pretty common theme out there that I thought I should write about.

1. Realize that it’s not you it’s them. When we do something really cool or special these types of negative people look at themselves in the mirror and their ego gets in the way. It makes them realize that they are lazy, or ‘small’, or fearful. When you are doing this really cool thing it makes the negative person feel inadequate. They almost WANT you to fail so they can feel better about themselves and their insecurities. Then they can say to themselves ‘oh see?  It didn’t work for her/him so that’s why I would never do something like that.’

2. Limit your time with these negative people. If it’s your spouse that is kind of hard to do. So you should talk to your spouse about it and try to come to an understanding. But if it’s any other person on the planet you can limit your time with them. Don’t discuss the cool thing that you’re doing with them. They will realize how cool you are all on their own.

3. Surround yourself with positive liked minded people. The people who actually DO support you and lift you up….  These are the types of people you want to hang out with and talk about the cool new thing you’re doing.

4. Don’t let the negativity get you down!  You don’t need negativity in your life. Push that out of your head.  They are just projecting their own insecurities onto you. It’s not about you at all. 😊

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