But why?

My friend and mentor asked me to dig deep on why I do what I do. Why did I decide to be a coach?  

Helping people IS GREAT and I have been moved to tears multiple times by the people who I have helped. They have felt confident for the first time in years, been able to wear brand new clothes in their closet for the first time because they were too insecure in them before. They have gotten stronger physically and emotionally. They have finally have someone who actually CARES about them and had never had someone truly believe in them before. 

Sometimes my blessing and my curse is that I care so much. I am a very ‘feeling’ person. I really care about people and want them to be able to live their best lives. It probably stems back to the years of suffering I had endured and pretty much allowed myself to stay in (since we get what we tolerate). I had completely lost myself. I lost my way and who I was. It started when I was very young when I left my church family. Then continued through my first marriage and with the birth of my children. Always taking care of everyone else and I was last on the list. Constantly having anxiety that I was not good enough. At anything. Not a good enough wife. Not a good enough mother. Not a good enough daughter. Not a good enough employee. 

Having those experiences, I really know what it feels like to NOT be a part of something and left out. When I was younger and I left my church, I was not in the “cool kids club” anymore and it was devastating to me. So now I am so inclusive due to this (good!) and sometimes people like to take advantage of my niceness (bad!).  

So what’s the bottom line?  I really want to end the suffering of as many women as possible. The ones who think they aren’t good enough, worthy enough, too fat, too dumb, too uncoordinated, too depressed, too this or too that. I want to create the coolest club where that woman is welcome, she’s celebrated and she can shine!!  I want to celebrate each woman individually so she really feels like the rockstar that she is. 

Maybe that sounds cheesy to you. But it’s the truth. It hurts to be picked last because everyone thinks you suck. Or be left out of the group because you’re the ‘odd duck’. My vision is to create a tribe of Women helping to build each other up instead of tear each other down. 
So there you go, Lauren. That’s my why. The reason why you would even join me is because you have the same belief and vision. Those are the fearless warriors I’m looking to surround myself with. 

Photo by Ashley Lindsey photography 

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