No slackers ALLOWED!

Maybe you didn’t know that I’m part of the number 5 team in alllll of beachbody (here’s a small tiny fraction of those special ladies in the picture). Special training from THE best. 

I like helping people. A lot. So much so that I do it every day.

I practice what I preach. I’m not a marathoner, so I wouldn’t teach ya how to be one of those!! Catch my drift? 😜

I do my 30 min workout 6 days a week. I eat good/clean food 90% of the time. I drink or eat 😜 shakeology. 

I am on FIRE 🔥today!!!!!! I LOVE MY J-O-B!!!!  

I worked my booty off today at work. Talked to one of my coaches, had a few freakin awesome meals that I made with my own two hands and a shakeo, Taught my last class at anytime fitness (including a NEW SONG!!!), helped Nikki with her meal plan for an entire week AND grocery shopped with her ($140 for 3 people!!! All healthy food!!), did my PIYO AND had my team MADE beachbody call. 

I have two new girls joining my team: Hannah and Heidi!!!! 💜💜💜

If you are ready to get GOING and get REAL then you need to private message me now. This is seriously LIFE CHANGING. 

You wanna FINALLY have someone on your side and in your corner ACTUALLY helping you and cheering you on every step of the way?? I’m the one for you. 

I will not stop!!!! I promise you that. I’m an ass kicker!!!!! Ya gotta be ready to run along side me though. Because I’m not messing around!! 

I am not looking for people who make excuses or have bad attitudes. I’m looking for people who want a positive change in their lives. No slackers allowed. 👊🏽💥

You can apply here

What in the world is a FOOD MACGUYVER??


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