99 problems

Photo by Ashley Lindsey photography 

Problems and pain in life are inevitable. Some people’s problems and pain is worse than others. For instance, I’m sure Lady Gaga has problems. She can’t just go to Target for a couple of things whenever she feels like it but she can pay someone to do it for her. Meanwhile, there are others who are trying to figure out where they will get their next meal will come from. Some people have recently been diagnosed with a deadly disease. Varying degrees of problems, obviously. 

Problems are something we all have. And so is pain. Pain is life’s greatest teacher. We experience pain (either physically or emotionally) and we learn how to AVOID that next time. 

So how do you get through the pain and problems?  

1. Don’t blame others. Own up to it. Face it head on. There’s no good to come of wallowing in being a victim, self pity, anger, or depression. Take action. 

2. Realize that most problems can be solved. Or at least mostly solved. You might have to get really creative. But I believe in you. You’re resourceful and smart. These days there is endless amount of information at our fingertips. You just have to WANT to find it. 

3. Understand pain is temporary. You might stub or even break your toe by kicking a chair on accident. But it will heal. And the same goes for emotional pain. Someone may have hurt your heart in the past. But you can and will move on and you’ll be stronger/tougher from it. The pain might inspire you to take huge measures and help many other people. Like start a foundation for a cause. Or start a support group. 

4. Check your coping skills. You could think of these challenges as a game in order to get through it easier. If someone is giving you grief in life and causing you emotional pain, start naming the behavior. “I’ve done so much for you, why can’t you do this one thing for me?!”  =guilt trip. “If you don’t do XYZ then I will do XYZ to you”  =threat. Become aware of the body’s physical response to situations. For example: If you feel your heart racing, notice it, tell yourself to slow down and breathe. Or meditate for a few minutes. 

5. Love the lesson. What is the problem or pain trying to teach you?  Compassion?  Empathy?  Resourcefulness?  Strength?  Determination?  

Our most powerful muscle is our mind. So Tell me….what pain or problem did you learn the most from?  My top three: leaving my church, my divorce and my sister’s illness. Now your turn. 

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