Why I don’t like weight watchers

This blog might make some people upset. So let me preface before we go any further. These are my opinions only. What I have heard from others. And my experiences. 😘

Okay. Let’s get started. I have heard people tell me the following about WW ‘I never learned how to change the way I was eating’. ‘I became obsessed with how many points is this?  How many points is that?’.  And my favorite ‘I was pretty much starving myself before weigh ins because I was embarrassed to get on the scale’. 

Essentially, weight watchers is a calorie restriction diet. Once you stop restricting or over restricting yourself, the weight comes back with a vengeance. Or so I’ve seen…  there always are exceptions. So don’t be mad, friends. 

I tried a version of this about 8 years ago. Calorie counting with an online tool. I was trying so hard to eat 1200 calories per day. Always hungry. Always unhappy. Eating whatever I wanted but really restricting. I was trying to get my fat, protein, carbs to say “good” on the tracker every day. When it didn’t I was so mad at myself. Needless to say I failed. And I wasted a ton of of energy writing all that down. And then I would go and binge eat ALL. THE THINGS. Because I was depressed I was a failure. Well it’s no wonder why I couldn’t get it. It’s a system set up FOR failure because of the foods involved. 

So let me break it down why I don’t like weight  watchers. 

1. They don’t teach you how or what to eat. Anything goes. As long as it fits in for your points. 

2. Public weigh ins?  Need I say more?

3. They don’t develop healthy eating habits that will last for life. 

4. They advocate eating processed foods. 

5. It creates an obsession. Points are everything!!  And you are constantly journaling or writing things down. Seriously who has time for that?

What in the world is a FOOD MACGUYVER??


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