I weigh how much???

I had a physical last week. First time in years!  I had my blood pressure, pulse, weight, height, fasting glucose and cholesterol checked. It all was perfect. My cholesterol and glucose was what I was mostly interested in since I have a higher fat/lower carb lifestyle. Got the all clear!  

Usually when I get weighed at the doctor I look away. But something inside myself made me peek at the last second. I couldn’t believe what I saw. Hahaha!  

This will make you laugh. So a couple days ago I decided to do an experiment with some of my friends and family. I asked them how much they ‘thought’ I weighed. I told them, “there’s no way you can hurt my feelings. Give me the honest answer.” Here’s what they said: 150, 142, 137, 125, 130, 120, 135, 136.5, 145, 120. It’s hard to guess!!  Isn’t it??

Keep in mind I’m 5’6″, a size small or medium and a size 8 (kinda depends on the brand, of course). 

Are you ready for this??  I’m 170 pounds!!  Haha!!  I had to double check because it seemed impossible. Yup. 170!  Most recently I’ve been described as: a peanut, tiny, and dainty. Words I’ve never been described as my whole entire life. 

That is why weight is a crazy measurement to go by all on its own. Don’t get hung up on the scale, my friends. And don’t let it wreck your day. 

I hope this helps at least one person. Much love!

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