Introverts unite!

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Thanks for letting me take the weekend to recharge my batteries.  I felt a voice inside myself saying ‘pump the brakes’.  I had to listen. 

I’m a total introvert. And if you are too you know that spending a lot of alone time makes you feel good and spending a lot of time with people makes an introvert drained. Although it IS enjoyable being with people it is also exhausting. Especially with a lot of stress and pressure going on in life. I know you all have this too, so I’m not special. I know I’m not the only one and I definitely don’t deserve special treatment. 

Kinda funny story. I had a man who’s known me since I was a kid tell me recently ‘you’re doing ALL the videos!  Kind of a difference from when I knew you as a kid’.  He thought I’ve changed, into being this super outgoing individual.  I was a shy kiddo. Believe me… I’m still very awkward and shy. It’s uncomfortable for me every time. I get nervous when I teach a group fitness class, when I post a video on the internet, and when I share my life with the world.  But I figured that we can only help each other if we share. So that’s why I do it.  

So now I’m ready to get back to it!  I’m going to continue trying to be brave, share my journey. And to help as many people as possible. OUR health is the most important thing.  Never, ever take it for granted. 

THANKS for listening. And thank you for caring. I care about you too. And I love you. 

What in the world is a FOOD MACGUYVER??

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A food MacGuyver is someone who can find something HEALTHFUL to eat in any situation. Food is enjoyable, yes... but we also need it to live a healthy lifestyle. Want to get my 5 food hacks to become a FOOD MacGuyver? Enter your information and click on the button to get your FREE eBook!

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