What’s your POWER PHRASE

I’m taking a new training course. It is INTENSE!  A lot of self reflection and journaling and learning. I LOVE making myself better every day INSIDE AND OUT!  A better person, wife, mother, friend, leader. 

Right now we are working on creating a POWER PHRASE. Something that I will say to myself that helps me keep going. A phrase to push me outside of my comfort zone when I get scared or feel fear. 


I got this!

I can do it!

Nothing will stop me!

I’m a bad ass!

Never never never give up!

Keep going!

Fear is a LIAR!

What kind of power phrase do you say to yourself??  Do you have one?  I really want to know!  Tell me in the comments!  

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2 Replies to “What’s your POWER PHRASE”

  1. I have started my journey, just shy of a year ago. I am “half” the person I was, but twice as much as I ever have been! And my “power phrase” is:
    ~Do it for the, ‘Damn she got hot’~

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