Kids:  Body image and confidence

Today’s lesson in my training with Chalene Johnson spoke straight to my heart. It was about kids and body image. As a kid I struggled with confidence and body image and I’m sure MOST of you did too. Growing up is tough. Accepting yourself is tough. 

But the reason why this lesson spoke to me is not because of me but because of my daughter. ☹️ she told me the other day that she doesn’t like her stomach. That made me so very sad. I’ve tried so freakin hard to raise my kids to love their bodies.  I never say the word ‘diet’.   I never talk bad about my own body so that they don’t model that behavior. I have told them how strong they are. How fast they are. That they are athletic. 

But still she is in this place in her mind. I reassured her that she is BEAUTIFUL, STRONG, HEALTHY….  I hope those words stuck to her mind. (Ugh!!!!  This parenting stuff is painful and hard!!)

She wanted to talk about food. So we talked about sugar and grains and healthy fat. I told her in order for anyone (not targeting her) to be healthy and have energy and good fuel for their body they should focus on eating veggies, meat/fish, healthy fats, fruits. 

Have you ever had someone criticize your weight when you were a kid?  Not just ‘you’re too fat’ or ‘do you really need to eat another donut?’. But maybe ‘you’re too skinny’!  Or ‘beanpole’. 

That kind of stuff can stick with you for life. So let’s do our kids a favor and NOT talk to them about their weight. Or label them ‘fat’ or ‘skinny’. 

Talk about health instead. 

What in the world is a FOOD MACGUYVER??

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3 thoughts on “Kids:  Body image and confidence

  1. Oh this sounds so much like what I experienced and why I have bad body image and low self esteem. Also why I hate getting my picture taken!!! Daughters are the best, but I am with you on trying so hard to teach my daughter that she is strong and beautiful!!

    1. Super sad!!!

      And I’m sad that happened to you Tammy. It’s too bad adults suck so bad sometimes. ☹️

      Those negative comments can stick with us for LIFE!!! Ugh!!!!!

    2. Your daughter IS beautiful. And so are YOU.

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