Top 10 reasons why people don’t respond to your messages

Ever send someone a text, then a message, then a reply on Instagram, finally a Facebook comment on their latest post and still no response?   Well if so, here are some possible reasons why they are not responding to you…..  in no particular order.

1. They don’t like you. It could happen for whatever reason. And actually it’s not your business what other people think about you. Go on with your day.

2. They are afraid of confrontation. Maybe the question you asked is very difficult for the person to answer because they hate conflict and are afraid of what you might say.

3. They don’t want to disappoint you. Related to #2. They don’t want to upset you with their bad news that they don’t want to give you.

4. They are mad at you and are being passive aggressive. Uhoh. You did it now!  You pissed them off and now they are getting back at you by ignoring you.

5. They simply forgot about responding because life is busy. It could happen. You are literally running around like a crazy person from 5 am to 10 pm with zero breaks in the action and you have to go to the bathroom and eat your lunch at the same time because you are THAT busy. And after all that, they forgot.

6. They are avoiding the hard stuff. Taking the easy way is the brains most logical and default way of dealing with life. Your questions are way too hard for them to handle.

7. They are completely overwhelmed. You never know how many messages a person gets in a day. Could be thousands. With all the avenues of interaction these days: LinkedIn, Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, text message, email, hand written letters or maybe even MySpace. You just never know.

8. They are kidnapped and held against their will. I hope for their sake this one isn’t true.

9. They dropped their phone, computer AND iPad in the toilet. It was a very large toilet and it takes awhile to replace all those things. Going through replacement insurance is a pain and time consuming!

10. They packed up and moved to the middle of Montana where there is no phone reception. They forgot to tell you. Sorry about that!!!!

What other reasons can you think of?  I’d like to hear. Or MAYBE you are the one not responding. Tell YOUR reasons for not answering people.

What in the world is a FOOD MACGUYVER??

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