F you fear

I did my packing today for my trip. (Sister, kids, Hubby going south!!). Tried on my swimming suits and this is 1 of 2 I plan to bring with me. I looked into the mirror and thought ‘hmmm. I wonder if my skin will ever snap back after all the weight loss and 3 babies I carried’?  Who knows right?  And who really cares. It’s not really that big of a deal. I mean. There could be MUCH worse that could happen. I’m sure you could help me make a long list of bad things. 

But the realization that I’ve come to over the past year of this physical transformation is that I should ‘love myself now’. No matter what size or weight that I am. I know it’s easier said than done sometimes. However, I sure wish I could’ve done this when I was younger. Like in my 20s. Sure would’ve saved me a lot of pain and mental anguish. I started sharing details that most women take to their grave. Like their weight!  Or their pant size!  Who gives a crap anymore. It doesn’t matter. 

I hope you’re practicing on loving yourself now too. 

Happy thanksgiving!  I hope you get to spend time with someone you love. 

What in the world is a FOOD MACGUYVER??

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A food MacGuyver is someone who can find something HEALTHFUL to eat in any situation. Food is enjoyable, yes... but we also need it to live a healthy lifestyle. Want to get my 5 food hacks to become a FOOD MacGuyver? Enter your information and click on the button to get your FREE eBook!

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