Sports bra review

Got home from vacay and had a bunch of packages. One of which was the Victoria secret bras. 

Ok. Here’s my review on each as promised.



Name: incredible sport bra

Ease of application: 1 (my daughter had to help me get it on! Not a good thing if you’re alone for the day!)

Removal process: 2 (you have to have the ability to reach behind your back and take it off… don’t pop your shoulder out!! You’ve been warned!)

Coverage: 9 (no issues)

Support: 9 (these straps are huge, boobs are not going anywhere)

Cups: 2 (made my boobs super weird looking)

Overall rating: 5



Name: knockout front close sport bra

Ease of application: 10 (there’s 2 bras in one but ones a zipper and ones a hook type thing. Easy)

Removal process: 10 

Coverage: 9 

Support: 9 

Cups: 9

Overall rating: 9 (only because I’m wondering if over time the zipper would fall down?? Anyone know?)



Name: lightweight sport bra

Ease of application: 1 (there was grunting involved. And also trying to figure out what hole to put my head)

Removal process: 1 (this is not easy! I bet it is really fun when you’re sweaty!!! Hahaha)

Coverage: 5

Support: 2 (don’t bother jumping with this on. It’s only for looks I think)

Cups: 8 (comfy enough)

Overall rating: 7 (it is cute. That is the only reason why I rated it this high)

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