I have to be honest… I’m a bit nervous!

Ok. If you thought my current challenge of getting rid of 30 bags of stuff in 30 days was hard. Wait till you hear this!!!

I have to tell you. I’m a bit nervous. And scared of failure with this.  

One of my mentors in all things life asked all of our team to consider doing the ultimate reset with her January 11. I have thought long and hard about this, believe me!!!! Over analyzer queen here. 🙋🏽

I’m thinking the food we eat, the air we breathe and even the daily stress we deal with is taking a massive toll on us! And I want to rock 2017 like a boss! 

It’s a reset… A 3-week program created by Isabelle Daikeler (who will be joining us on this journey) and Darin Olien.

It’s going to help my body get back to its natural state of being. Our body is a very intricate piece of machinery and even when just one part isn’t working correctly the whole thing is off. 
Now….the Reset is not a simple program to do alone and exactly why We are creating a support group specifically for this. So please consider doing it with me for support (cuz I’m gonna need it!!) January 11-January 31…Let’s Start our year off creating new healthy habits, undoing years of stress and trauma and looking and feeling our freakin best.. if you think this is a challenge you are up for you can put your email below and I’ll send the details. But if you’re too scared you can just follow my journey and see what happens! Ha. I could go crazy, who knows!!   

I did all the checking on what’s included. 

The reset is designed in 3 stages… Reclaim, Release and Restore.

In phase 1, you rehydrate yourself by dramatically increasing your water intake and, begin taking the reclaim supplements and shifting your diet by gradually removing certain foods during the first week.

Phase 2 is week two. This is where you’ll start the detoxification process with a VERY gentle colon cleanse and you also make The rest of the transition into eating fully vegan (eeeeek!!!) for the final 14 days of the program.

And then it’s phase 3. The supplement protocol shifts to restore your digestive system to operate as it was designed. YES!!!!!

While you’ll lose a substantial amount of weight it’s actually recommended you don’t do any rigorous exercise during the program. The Reset was designed so your energy is directed at revitalizing and getting strong on the inside.

There are shopping lists, cooking prep tips, easy to follow supplement dosage charts and there’s even a 24/7 support team there to offer help and advice.

You will even have an exit strategy as you go into maintenance mode.

What in the world is a FOOD MACGUYVER??


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