I was afraid of being a pin head

When I had 60 more pounds on my body, I always had long hair. I thought that if I had shorthair I would have a little pin head coupled with a big, fat, huge body and it would look ridiculous. So I kept it long so I could keep my ‘symmetry’. Sounds so weird saying it out loud. Can anyone relate to these ridiculous thoughts??

I always had this idea that ‘I better have long hair so I can be more feminine’. Lies!  ‘I better have long hair because that’s what every other female does’. Lies!  ‘I better have long hair because short hair isn’t sexy’. Lies!  ‘I better have long hair because I have a fat body’. Lies!  You see a pattern here with our minds and our thoughts?  We can control this with practice.  Don’t let your mind run away with negative thoughts about yourself!

Losing the inches and pounds has changed me in so many ways inside and outside. It has FREED me. Literally, freed me from myself. Confidence 👆🏼!

So thankful for finding myself again. And thankful for my talented cousin, Jamie, for giving me this rockin hairdo. This hairdo represents so much more than that for ME!

What in the world is a FOOD MACGUYVER??


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