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5 Tips for eating at a restaurant 

I love going out to eat with my husband, Adam. I also love going out to eat with my friends. It’s a time to share try new places, different food, good drinks, socialize, and laugh. However, I usually don’t give myself a free pass to go hogwild anymore. Because I have goals!!  (Of course there are times when I go out to eat and I do indulge a little, I’m a human being too!!!)  But when I’m trying to really hit a personal goal, here are my tips on how to stay on track while going out to eat at a restaurant.

1. Tell the waiter or waitress to not bring the bread basket to the table. If I have it in front of me I will eat it, and when I say eat it, I mean all of it. I know myself and when it comes to bread I cannot say no after one piece. Or if I am with other people at the restaurant who want to eat bread, I just tell myself I’m going to skip it and save myself for the main course.

2. Always order a salad first. A lot of times I will bring my own olive oil from home in a small container because I know it is good quality and I know it is actually olive oil and not vegetable oil or canola oil. Skip the croutons. If I’m trying to limit my dairy I will ask them to not put the cheese on too. Sometimes I ask for extra greens. They don’t mind and are always accommodating.

3. Pick a protein that is grilled, broiled or baked. Stay away from fried and breaded protein. I will get a steak, salmon, beef, shrimp or chicken. If the sauce that they put on top is a sugary type of sauce I ask them to skip it and just season it with spices. If I get a burger, I’ll ask for no bun.

4. Choose sides that are cooked vegetables. They usually have broccoli, asparagus, vegetable medley, green beans, sweet potato. If you’re really hungry, ask for extra vegetables.

5. Stick to the distilled spirits. Skip the sugary cocktails, beer, wine. Go for whiskey or vodka. I usually get my whiskey neat, that means with no ice. But if you cannot do that have a whiskey or vodka with soda water. Add limes and fresh mint to the vodka and soda water.

Eating out at a restaurant when you’re trying to reach your health goals is sometimes intimidating. But it can be done. What other tips do you have to share?

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