How I ate out at restaurants on Whole30

My first Whole30 I was terrified about eating at a restaurant. But after that my second and third Whole30s were a breeze.

Some tips that might help you cope with this situation.
1. Check the menu ahead of time. Make a note of what you’d like. (You know the rules! check rules). Make a note of the questions you’d ask the waitress or waiter.

2. Be honest. Tell the waitress or waiter that you don’t have an allergy (unless you actually do, then definitely tell the truth and the severity). Tell the person waiting on you that you’re trying to eat Whole30 and you really need their help. And ask them all the questions you noted down.

3. Bring your own condiments. Whether you made your own ketchup, dressing or mayo or you purchased a Whole30 premade product or its straight olive oil (my favorite olive oil is villa cappelli). Including bring your own seasoning, ghee and even salt. There are some idolized salts that has dextrose or maltodextrin added to it. This way you will know for sure what is in the condiment/seasoning.

4. Tip big. Someone waiting on you might have to take extra time to answer questions and explain how things are cooked, cooked in what and what seasoning they use. They deserve to be compensated for that.

5. Quick restaurants.

Chipotle (carnitas, pico/salsa, lettuce and guacamole….yes, we know the guac is extra!). Don’t get the vegetables because they are cooked in vegetable oil. All other meats, other than carnitas, have sugar in them.

Culver’s (grilled chicken salad… no dressing, croutons and no cheese, of course. Bring your own olive oil and ask for a couple lemon slices.

Hardee’s. Grassfed beef burger on lettuce wrap, yellow mustard, raw onions, pickles and a lettuce wrap.

Subway. Every vegetable on the list. Olive oil, vinegar for dressing. Bring your own nuts to put on top (almonds, sunflower, walnuts, almonds, cashews, etc. no peanuts!) 😊

Gas stations. Carrots, hard boiled eggs, almonds (check label carefully), apples, oranges, bananas, berries

Good luck!!!!

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