What if…

I asked my husband this question….  what would you do with all of your time if you had no job but had all the money you ever needed/wanted. Would you be bored?  Do you have a hobby that you’d like to pursue?  Do you feel like you need to have a job as an engineer driving trains in order to feel ‘defined’ in your life. Does making X amount of money per year make you feel like a badass?   What do you need all this money and all these things for?

This question has been gnawing on my mind since we arrived here in Mexico. If you had more time, would you take up photography or surfboarding or running a marathon or painting or kickboxing?  Just because it’s something you’ve always wanted to do?  

I think the main reason why this is giving me such a problem is because I feel the emotional pain and toll of the economic ‘wheel’. Contributing to the machine, if you will. They say the opposite of happiness is boredom. So if you do not have work to do are you constantly bored because you have no hobbies?  Where do you find your PURPOSE. 

You probably haven’t even thought of what you like to do because there is not enough time. Isn’t that something???  You probably don’t even KNOW what YOU want to do. What makes YOU happy. There’s not even a moment to think. We are constantly thinking where do I have to be now?  Where am I going?  What do I have to do now?  Who needs to be where?  What piece of crap item do I need to buy now to make me or my family happy?  All the while forgetting about what actually makes us happy. 

We live in this world of CONSTANT information and it is irrelevant. Think about this for a second. 90% of the information that you are consuming is actually worthless. 

1. Are you going to spring into action based on something you saw on the news?  The majority will not do a damn thing. 

2. Are you going to quit your job and move to another country because we have a new president?  Probably not. 

3. Is the Facebook status of one of your friends going to change your opinion on anything whatsoever?  Most likely no. 

So what good is consuming this information?  

What in the world is a FOOD MACGUYVER??


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