SISU: determination, bravery, courage, perseverance, strength and resilience.

I’m recovering

I’m a recovering people pleaser. I literally used to let other people and their opinions of me dictate how I felt about myself. If someone did not like me, I was devastated.  If someone didn’t like something that I said I would apologize. If someone didn’t like something that I did it would wreck my day and often my week or month. All I would do is think about what I did wrong, how I could’ve done it differently and what I will do next time.
I would agonize about this over and over again. It was killing me inside.

Thankfully due to two things this has subsided. 1. Personal development (reading, podcasts, seminars). 2. Getting older (I think!  Ya just start to care less and realize what’s important)

Not everyone is going to like what I say, what I do, how I look, how I dance, how I teach my classes, how I write my blog, how I post pictures on Instagram or Facebook and that is OK!

Self confidence in my late teens and 20s was the absolute lowest. Through working on ‘the inside’ it really, REALLY helped!  I know in my soul that I operate with a caring and loving heart. And that is literally ALL I can do. That is the only thing in my control. How other people think and feel is not. So why stress about it?

How have you become more confident and comfortable in your own skin?  Have you always felt this way?  Let’s help each other. Sharing is the only way we can do that.

What in the world is a FOOD MACGUYVER??


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