Why no grains

Here’s some science for you!!! 😘

Q: Why no wheat and grains?

A: Sadly wheat is found in so many foods we wouldn’t consider it to be and so many new products and new types of bread are being introduced. We have come to feel wheat is a necessary part of any meal. Eggs and toast, cereal, sandwich, pitta bread, hamburgers with buns, crackers for a snack, pies etc. It is eaten in greater quantities year after year. Add increased sugar consumption and its not a pretty picture.

Modern wheat contains –

• amylopectin A, which is efficiently digested to glucose rapidly giving blood sugar spikes followed by insulin spikes. Amylopectin C, found in legumes, is the least digestible (beans, beans good for your heart, beans, beans make you …). Amylopectin A in wheat causes your blood glucose to rise more than simple carbohydrates such as table sugar. The GI (glycemic index) for white bread 70, whole grain bread, 71, fruit loops 69 oats 66, snickers 55!

• an appetitie stimulant

• gluten in wheat contains the family of proteins called glia dens and gluten ins. Glia dens are the proteins that triggers the immune response in celiac disease.

• Genetic modification has added anti fungal enzymes to aid texture and leavening. YUCK!

• wheat is a rapidly absorbed carbohydrate with a high GI full of reactive proteins causing a leaky gut.

The good absolutely does not outweigh the bad here!

We have all been told to eat healthy, whole grains, and there is no disputing the science that when whole grain flour is substituted for white flour, there is a reduction in colon cancer, heart disease and diabetes. But by increasing your vegetable intake when eating LCHF, you far exceed any loss of fiber of Vitamin B from not eating whole grain bread. Dr. Davis explains that by replacing something bad (white flour) with something not so bad (whole grain) then it must be good for you, this theory should also work for cigarettes. If high tar cigarettes are bad for you, then low tar should be great!

A sandwich might have a little salad inside but the bulk of what you are eating comes from the bread, but by removing the bread and eating instead a huge salad with a variety of ingredients, you will be better nourished and more able to absorb the vitamins and minerals it contains.

Do not eat gluten free products unless they are wheat free or grain free. By removing gluten from wheat, it is usually replaced with rice starch, corn starch, tapioca starch etc. Although they are now gluten free and may cause the same immunological response, the carbs (mainly the amylopectin A it still contains) will still break down to glucose and still cause an insulin spike and still cause hunger, fat storage, and gain weight (and the muffin top).

So by eating low carb, by removing wheat and grains, you remove the biggest source of carbs and processed food. Eliminating wheat and grains are an excellent strategy for rapid weight loss, appetite control, and blood sugar control.

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