The exact 6 steps I took to lose 60 pounds

I’m gonna level with you. I do not weigh myself anymore. It’s just too damaging to my mind. Ha!  The last time I weighed in I realized that I had lost about 60 pounds. Mind blown!

I’m not going for super skinny, my friend. Just trying to be strong and feel good in my own skin!  I’m sure you can relate.

I get asked a lot ‘so how did you do it?’  So here you go…..  my 6 steps on how I got to where I am now.

1. 30 minute workouts at home 6 days per week

2. Shakeology

3. The support group

4. Portion control

5. No sugar / no grains, higher fat, lower carb eating (80% of the time)

6. Intermittent fasting

That is my big secret!  There you go!

These are the things I teach in my private groups. I go into A LOT of detail about food. I give 1 weeks worth of meals based on foods they like so it can be easier to navigate at first. I even do grocery shopping trips to show what to look for because it’s confusing!  (Yes, we can do it via FaceTime!)  I provide daily guidance to all the of the people in my group.

I need the accountability just as much as you do. This community gives that to us.

I LOVE doing this so others don’t have to struggle for years like I did. If you join me on this journey and stick to the plan you can lose 20 pounds in 30 days.

So if you’d like to have this kind of support you can go here.

This is the example of the food list that I send to my challengers to fill out. Take a look!

What in the world is a FOOD MACGUYVER??


A food MacGuyver is someone who can find something HEALTHFUL to eat in any situation. Food is enjoyable, yes... but we also need it to live a healthy lifestyle. Want to get my 5 food hacks to become a FOOD MacGuyver? Enter your information and click on the button to get your FREE eBook!

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  1. My experience of low carb high fat and intermittent fasting corroborates with yours, Stacy. I started fasting two non-consecutive a day before low carb. Within two months, my waist went a size smaller from 32 to 31. Then I went on low high fat after that. Now I’m waist size 30.

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