10 ways to reward yourself

The compound effect says that you do something repeatedly over a period of time you will see a change. Will one no-so-healthy meal affect you negatively?  No. But if you continue to do that the majority of the time it will affect your body in a no-so-good way. Physically and mentally.

You work hard all week long with good nutrition and fitness. Instead of rewarding yourself with food you can reward yourself with other stuff and not totally derail your progress.

Here are some ideas:

1. New workout clothes

2. A massage

3. A manicure or pedicure

4. Take a nap

5. Watch a movie

6. Get some fresh flowers

7.  A weekend getaway with your love

8. An evening out with your friends

9. Take a long bath and relax

10. Take a vacation (I recommend somewhere warm!)

What would you add?

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