Celebrate your WINS

It seems like we are very good at pointing out all of the bad, negative, awful things about ourselves.  “I ate a whole pizza, I suck”. Or “I didn’t get my workout in for 3 days, I’m lazy”. Or “I am fat”. Or “I don’t look as good as so-and-so”.

It’s so so freakin SAD!!!

How about instead of all the negative comments you make to yourself, flip it around. Tell yourself all the SMALL OR BIG WINS you have every day. Write them down on a piece of paper.


1. I drank a lot of water today and no pop

2. I had one really good meal today with a lot of vegetables

3. I worked out for 10 minutes

4. I went for a walk in the woods with my dog or my spouse

5. I played with my kids

6. I was a good friend today

7. I read a very encouraging book and it expanded my mind

8. I volunteered for a good cause today

9. I did some meditation

10.  I didn’t weigh myself today because the scale doesn’t define me

11. I took a long, hot bath and spoiled myself

12. I went on a date with my significant other and we talked about life

13. I helped someone at the grocery store with their bags

14. I went grocery shopping and got mostly vegetables

15. I got myself some new workout clothes so I can feel awesome

16. I took a nap

17. I passed on the french fries and got a salad instead

18. I helped walk the dogs at an animal shelter

19. I called my mom to tell her I love her

20. I sat outside in the sun for some vitamin D

Your brain will start to believe what you tell it. Tell it all the good things no matter how small it may seem. Not everyday is going to be full out rockstar status and that’s ok!

What good things did you tell yourself today?

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