14 Ways to Get Motivated

Starting is hard. Staying motivated is hard. But it’s a complete mental game. Here are some ways that might help…..  what else would you add?

1. One goal. Sometimes we try to do everything all at once. We get overwhelmed and give up because it’s too much!!! Set one simple goal and stick to it.

2. Find inspiration. Find some people who you respect and admire and follow them. What have they achieved that you want to?

3. Get excited! Talk about it with your friend or significant other. Visualize yourself being successful in your mind. Read about it as much as possible.

4. Build up the anticipation. Set a start date. Write it on the calendar. Make it the most important date in your life.

5. Post your goal. Meaning write it in big letters and post it on your desk or refrigerator. ‘I am going to work out 15 minutes every DAY!!!!’ Keep the focus and keeping going.

6. Commit publicly. There’s nothing like peer pressure to make ya follow through. This is for your own good and your own health! Post in a group or post it on your Facebook status. People will cheer you on! They want to help!

7. Think about it every day. When you keep your goal in the front of your mind every day it will become reality.

8. Get support. That’s what my online group is for! We can lean on eachother. Or Get your family or best buddy involved. Kids love working out with their parents.  

9. Realize the path is not linear. Some days we will be rockstars and some days we will not. Don’t beat yourself up. Just get back on track and forget about the past.

10. Don’t give up. Just because you have a bad day doesn’t mean you have to quit. Trust the process and keep going. Stick with it.

11. Keep it simple. Start really, really small if you are having a hard time getting started. For instance, do 10 min core workout. Be proud of yourself for that.

12. Think about all the good things not the bad. When we keep our minds positive it does help. Give yourself a pep talk. Think about the good things that will result as of your workout or the good food you’re putting in your bod. You will feel energized. You will feel happier. You will feel less stressed.  I have a mantra ‘no fun until the work is done’. And I love having fun. So I’m really motivated to do it!

13. Prepare. Set out your workout clothes the night before. Set a time to workout. Think about what you’re going to eat throughout the week (especially the evenings when snaccidents sometime happen). Working out before 6 am? Sleep in your workout clothes. Haha. No one will know.  If you workout in the morning there is no chance the responsibilities of life will prevent you from getting your workout done. 

14. Got negative thoughts creeping in? Squash them immediately in your brain. Tell it to quiet down. Ain’t nobody got time for negative self talk.

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