Getting going when you feel STUCK – 5 tips

Before I started this crazy winding road called a health journey I NEVER took photos of myself…  A selfie??  No thanks.  I don’t need to see how dumb I look, I already know…  Thanks.

But as it turns out ALLLLL of those pictures of myself were really important.  They are important so I can remember where I came from.  When I first started, I couldn’t do a plank, I couldn’t do a pushup on my toes, I was not very strong.  My first week, I could not walk around without groaning because I was so sore.  I just kept telling myself “Keep Going”.

When you are looking up at a mountain, it seems impossible to climb.  You think to yourself, “I don’t think I can do this”….  But you take one tiny baby step….. one foot forward, then the other foot forward.  It takes awhile, yes….  You get tired too.  You start wondering, “Am I ever going to get THERE?”  You keep your head down, just focusing on the next tiny baby step you need to take.  Eventually you do get to the top with all of those baby steps combined, you make it.  Look back down the mountain to see how far you actually traveled…  It’s FAR down!!!  Look out over the horizon…  it looks awesome up here.  It’s the best way I can describe this to you so far.

Am I done?  Nope.  I still have work to do but that is the most inspiring part.  The journey.  The only way we can help each other is if we share.  So that is what I do.  I just have been sharing what I do in hopes that it can help at least one person.

So when you are feeling stuck….  Here are 5 tips that might help:

  1.  Plan out your month, week, day.  Write down your workout plan on the calendar.  Include the time.  Don’t let yourself down, that is an appointment you need to keep.  Is it too overwhelming to plan out a month in advance?  Plan out your day today.  Just focus on TODAY.
  2. Make one small change at a time.  If you plan on quitting drinking, quitting fast food, quitting smoking, eating only vegetables, and exercising for 2 hours a day every day of the week you are going to get overwhelmed and burnt out.  Take your time in implementing these changes one at a time so that they stick for life, not for a week or two.
  3. Get a support system.  It’s REALLY easy for us to let ourselves down.  Having a group or person as your accountability partner is the key because you really don’t want to let them down.  They are counting on you.
  4. Look beyond the scale.  Scales seem to suck the life right outta people.  If the number doesn’t show EXACTLY what you were hoping for in your mind you are left feeling defeated.  Try a different technique to measure your success or progress.  Measuring tape, pictures (front, side back), or how your clothes fit.  This lifestyle needs to be MORE to you than simply a number on the scale.
  5. Just simply try.  Not feeling it at the moment?  Give yourself 10 minutes of trying.  After 10 minutes you can decide if you want to be done and revisit the workout later.  Or maybe you can go for another 10 minutes?  Eventually you WILL be able to do 30 minutes…  and you will be able to do the exercise without modifying.  Just give it all that you can.  START where you are.  After you do your workout CHEER yourself on.  Tell yourself that you did a good job.  Your brain will believe whatever you tell it.  So tell it all the good things!  If you believe you can you are halfway there.



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