You’re a good person and deserve to be happy

I recently finished the book “The Power Of Now” and had some major revelations I thought I should share.


I will definitely read it again. There are so many good lessons in it.  If you haven’t read it you certainly should!  
A concept I thought it was very interesting is to look at yourself as an observer with zero judgment.  Look at your thoughts and emotions as an outsider.  Recognize the thoughts and feelings, don’t judge them.  Become aware of them.  Once you have recognized them, decide how you would rather think and feel.  Write it down (be active vs passive).  Repeat this exercise continuously.  Rewire your brain to make it think and feel how you want it to.  Do not let yourself be controlled by your brain.  You are in complete control of your mindset, happiness, and your life.  
When you are unhappy you have 3 choices:  
1.  Remove yourself.  2.  Change it.  3.  Accept it.  
You are in complete control of your own life.  How you do life is UP to YOU!  Once you have made the decision then you accept the consequences.  You move on. 
Another part that really helped me was really BEING in the MOMENT.  For example, if you are worrying, you are living in the future.  Put yourself in the present moment.  Are you ok RIGHT NOW?  Most likely, unless you are being attacked physically, you are ok in this moment.  How do you put yourself in the present moment?  Go back to your breathing.  Recognize the air going into your mouth and into your lungs and back out again.  It is impossible to think about anything else when you are focused on this.  
I found I was appreciating things. Little things. Like sounds, silence, colors, and the wonderful feeling of turning off my mind. I realized that I was addicted to thinking and worrying.  
Finally, you cannot always control your FIRST thought that pops in your mind, but you can control your second thought.
Love EVERY MOMENT.  Life is a gift.

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