Being courageous and vulnerable

“Most people believe vulnerability is weakness. But really, vulnerability is courage. We must ask ourselves… are we willing to show up and be seen?” -Brene Brown

I am absolutely loving this book:  The Gifts Of Imperfection. My friend, Tracy, said it’s going to blow my mind. She’s right. I’m not even done with it yet and I have so much insight, ephipanies, and even more motivation to be completely authentic.

I NEVER used to tell people about my life. I would hide away just going about my lame-o business. This was safe. No chance of criticism, no mean comments, no judgement from others, no chance of pissing people off.

When I realized that those negative opinions do not matter and that my story could possibly help someone else. I started sharing. Is it easy?  Nope. But I do it anyways. Being completely vulnerable for all the world to see in hopes that you can relate, that we can help each other and create a sense of belonging through our struggles.

So does what I share irritate some people and piss them off?  Maybe. But that’s non of my business. My goal is to provide value, not win the popularity contest.

Putting yourself out there IS scary. But you know what is even scarier?  Going through a life you don’t feel good about. Our contributions to the world need to be said and we gotta be true to ourselves.

We have to have love and a sense of belonging as human beings. The only way we can create these things is by sharing with one another. We are all doing the best we can. Living and learning along the way. We all go through struggles and hopefully we learn compassion and empathy.

Be kind, be humble, be courageous!!!!

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