10 signs to know you have a friend for life

Friendships are so important and are even good for your health.  Sometimes we have friends that come and go throughout our lives.  That is totally normal!  But you will also have friendships that last decades.  I recently spent time with a friend who I have been friends with for almost 20 years now and it made me think about this a lot.

I read an article on Psychology Today about The Importance of Friendship that read:  As attested by that old adage, “We choose our friends, not our family,” meaning that the personal and positive nature of friendship is voluntary. We are a social species and we need that sense of “Belonging,” of feeling deeply appreciated by people we care for. Meaningful, long-term friendships are cherished.

So how do you know you have a friend for life??

  1.  You agree with the quality of their character
  2.  You both put in the work to your relationship
  3.  They are there when things are good and bad and you do the same for them
  4.  They are really, truly happy for you when you have a WIN to celebrate and want to share in your joy
  5.  You can be completely yourself with that person
  6.  You are not responsible for their happiness and wellbeing
  7.  You feel good about the relationship and it adds to your life
  8.  You trust them
  9.  They stand up for you (even in your absence)
  10.  They don’t feel threatened when you aren’t able to spend time with them

How many TRUE friendships do you have?  3?  5?  I’m curious to know, put it in the comments.

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2 thoughts on “10 signs to know you have a friend for life

  1. I’d say I have 4. It was an interesting exercise to think through and weed a few out.

    1. RIGHT!?! I thought so too. I thought, well, if there is 3 I will consider that super lucky!

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