Life’s a beach?

I heard this the other day: ‘The best students get the most challenges

I dunno if that’s true but I do know I’ve had a lot of challenges. I’m sure you have too. It’s part of life! Right?

☔️my second mom, my grandma, died from cancer

☔️my best friend in high school died from anorexia. I couldn’t get myself to go to the funeral because I was devastated and I felt like I let her down

☔️I grew up in a very fear based church with a lot of restrictions and purposeful isolation from outsiders

☔️left the church at 16 years old, lost most of my friends and was told I was going to hell. That wasn’t fun

☔️I got married the first time around for the wrong reasons. I was pregnant and pretty much made him do it

☔️I had 2 miscarriages

☔️I got divorced. It was ugly

☔️I numbed my feelings with alcohol and food. It was bad

☔️got laid off from my corporate job after 16 years

☔️I have had feelings (in the past) that I’d be better off dead. (Sorry mom!)

🌈 But my point in telling you all these things is not to make you feel bad for me. Or to say my problems are so bad or worse than yours (there are many people with worse problems for sure!)

🌟 It’s to say that I’m still standing after all that, still trying, growing through the challenges……I am learning all the lessons I possibly can while I’m still here! (And Hopefully) Positively impacting the world around me.

☀️ It’s never too late to decide to change your life around, make amends or help someone else!


What in the world is a FOOD MACGUYVER??

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