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BEFORE YOU START!  Did you read the first half of this interview with Ashley HERE? You’ll want to before you start this one!

I met Ashley at one of my dance fitness classes.  Week after week we danced together (or had therapy, as I like to call it) and I came to learn more and more about her, as with any friendship goes… I loved her wit, her funny comebacks and comments, her ability to go with the flow when we had WAY too many people in the tiny room that we had available to us (picture a dance club, packed full of sweaty people and no space to really bust a move!  HA!  It was like that minus the booze).  We ended up becoming friends in no time at all….

Although we are in different industries…  We are both small business owners and that has been fun collaborating on projects and bouncing ideas off of each other.  When you have a friend who can give you feedback regarding your business honestly, it’s invaluable.  We can be vulnerable with one another and know that any advice comes from a place of love and respect.  It’s something I do not take for granted.

Ashley takes all of my professional photos and I just couldn’t have it any other way.

Please take a few minutes to watch the video she created from my last session and then read HER side of the story below!

What do you do?

I’m a portrait photographer that specializes in contemporary, magazine style, woman’s portraiture. I LOVE working one-on-one with women.

How did you get into that?

I’ve always had a camera in my hand, just like my grandmother. She had dozens of albums I would sit in her closet and go through as a child. So photography has always been a hobby. A few years ago I quit a design job I had and was photographing a family friend. She suggested I do THIS as a business. I was so shocked, why I had I NEVER thought of that? Duh moment. I made the decision that week and in Nov. it will now be 5 years!!!

Do you have a website?

What do you use for social media?

Instagram and Facebook

Who chooses the hair and makeup?

I have a pre-session consultation with all of my clients. During that time we talk about hair, makeup and wardrobe. We talk about how the normally wear their hair, how they’d DREAM to have it, if they wear makeup normally, and how they’d like it done for images. I have guides we go through to look at options too. I try to make the decision process as easy as possible! Then when my stylist is here we go over everything again and tweak anything we need to.

How did you decide on the location?

The last images I did for Stacey included one of the most EPIC shots I’ve taken to date. I was incredibly nervous to try to top that! Then I decided that is not my goal. My goal is to give her the best experience ever, make her 100% comfortable in front of my lens, and create work with her that she’ll love.

What’s it like photographing a friend?

There is only one big difference for me. When it’s a friend I know their true, genuine smile. So when they start to show that awkward, tense smile I get right to the point and tell them to stop! 😉 Which usually leads to a laugh and I get a real smile!

What does your tagline #existinphotos mean? 

It’s something I got from my mentor. Most women hate having their photo taken. There’s always an excuse; I need to lose weight, I’m not photogenic, no one wants photos of me, etc. And this is what I say EVERY.DAMN.TIME:

  1. I can knock of 20lbs just in posing you.
  2. I can make EVERYONE photogenic
  3. Your family does.

One day when your family is looking for photos of you, what will they find? It’s a hard truth to hear. But I hope it makes women really stop and think. No one that loves you cares about your weight. No one that loves you thinks you aren’t pretty enough. So do yourself a favor let my stylists and I pamper you for an afternoon. You are worth it. You deserve it.

To read the rest of this interview head over to Ashley’s blog HERE!

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