HFLC Day 12 of 84

I was breathing heavy, snot running out of my nose, and my legs were shaking. No, I am not sick.  That was my workout today.  HA!

Fasted High intensity interval training (HIIT) with our trainer live and then followed up with 10 minutes of abs.  Just the way I like it….  QUICK and INTENSE.

Common misconceptions about fasting:

1. Your muscles will deteriorate

2.  You will starve yourself

3.  Breakfast is the most important meal of the day

This book is a great read to learn more about intermittent fasting and dispels the myths about it.

Today I broke my fast at a restaurant.  I had a burger (no bun, no sauce, no cheese) with an over easy egg on top and a side of Brussel sprouts.  Yes, it is possible to eat out at a restaurant and not have to sacrifice your goals.

Yesterday was the FIRST day so far that I was able to successfully eat ALL of the food I was supposed to.  WINNING!  It’s a lot of food!

Cheers to the weekend!

What in the world is a FOOD MACGUYVER??

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A food MacGuyver is someone who can find something HEALTHFUL to eat in any situation. Food is enjoyable, yes... but we also need it to live a healthy lifestyle. Want to get my 5 food hacks to become a FOOD MacGuyver? Enter your information and click on the button to get your FREE eBook!

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