HFLC Day 16 of 84

Imagine what we can do TOGETHER!  

Today I worked out with my friends:  Amber and Sharon.  We did a 35 minute weight lifting workout.  Definitely got the heart rate UP!  I LOVE this workout.  I feel STRONG.  I can feel my biceps flex.  I could feel my obliques work.

Being able to exercise is a GIFT, not a punishment.  There are people out there who would LOVE to be able to move their body but they cannot.  But I understand that not everyone’s mindset is there.  Sometimes you DON’T wanna.  It’s true.  So what can you do to get in the groove?

  1.  Tell yourself “5, 4, 3, 2, 1, GO”. We can literally talk ourselves out of anything if we think too long about it.  So just say this out loud and do it.
  2. So you can’t give 100%, oh well, just don’t give 0%.  Sometimes we just don’t feel like it.  I GET IT!  But you can give at least a little.  Even 15 minutes is fine!  Or modify the exercises BIG TIME.
  3. Schedule a meeting with yourself.  Don’t break your promise to yourself.  You will feel proud of yourself for keeping your promise and you are doing something GOOD for YOU!
  4. Keep a calendar.  Write down all your workouts on the calendar for the entire month and when you complete one mark it off the calendar with a BIG X.  The visual will be satisfying because you will see what you have accomplished.
  5. Get a buddy ASAP.  You can’t let your buddy down!  Positive PEER PRESSURE. It works.  I have buddies that I workout with and I also have an entire GROUP of people in an accountability group.  This ENSURES that I will not slip up.  My entire team is counting on me and I am counting on them.
  6. Get enough sleep.  Enough said.
  7. Get a mantra.  Say this to yourself when you look in the mirror OVER and OVER again.  Something that means something to you.  “YOU ARE STRONG”. “YOU CAN DO HARD THINGS”. “IT’S ONLY 30 MINUTES”. You get the idea.
  8. Eat real food.  MORE from the farm and less from the factory.  You will FEEL better.  I promise.  Think of food as 1 ingredient.  For example:  Carrots, Spinach, Avocado, Steak, Shrimp….  See what I mean?  It is only 1 ingredient and you don’t even need to read the list of ingredients because it’s only 1 thing. It’s not processed.


HFLC Day 15 of 84

We pumped some iron today (in a fasted state).  It was only 25 minutes but we were both sweating like crazy!

Tomorrow is another strength training workout.

I weighed and measured again today just to check.  (***Curiosity***)  I am not scheduled to weigh/measure until December 18 (next week).  No change from the past week on inches or pounds.  But that is OK!  I’m not mad.

I got my period and I don’t feel bloated or sluggish.  So I call that a win.

Still feeling STRONG.  I mentioned in the private group today that I like to think of this challenge in terms of weeks and not days.  It’s easier for my brain.  HA!  So now we are onto week 3 of 12.

Last night I was 1 hour away from the end of my eating window and hadn’t eaten enough vegetables so I whipped up a HUGE salad and chowed down on that.  I CHALLENGE you to just track how many vegetables you eat in a day.  I bet you’re not eating enough veggies.  I know I don’t….  I have to make a conscious effort to get in all the vegetables I should be eating.

Give it a try and let me know how many cups of vegetables you are eating in a typical day.


HFLC Day 14 of 84

Rest day in full effect. Well, after I cooked up some meals for the week.

These will be easy for my husband to grab and go to work.

I am loving these containers. All the same, no searching for lids. They stack nicely in the fridge.

I made egg muffins, sweet potato mash with caramelized onions, roasted garlic and butternut squash soup, and 5 salads. I also roasted some nuts and have some ribs in the crock pot. I’ll finish those in the broiler for dinner.

My teammates are still doing well too. So proud of my buddies. Lots of us are traveling this month and having social activities. These activities usually involve lots of treats and alcohol. The habit normally is to indulge with the rest of the group. And sometimes our friends and family give us grief for the way we eat and do not eat.

When everyone around us is used to eating pizza, nachos and having beers we are definitely the odd people out.

But, that being said, everyone is saying they feel really good, less bloated, and proud!

Pretty cool!!!!

HFLC Day 13 of 84

My day started out like any other day. Except for one thing…… I’m not at home! Woke up, drank some coffee, worked out, broke my fast.

Some people might think that’s crazy or really difficult. But honestly, I do better sticking to my routine and my habits so that I don’t get derailed.

So before we left home we packed up some eggs, steaks, chicken, veggies and our smoothie stuff. It is always good to be prepared!

I had to eat at the gas station for lunch. Found some almonds, a salad (just took off all the cheese), and a lacroix. Good to go.

Spent a nice weekend with our families and still stuck to our intermittent fasting window, workout schedule and HFLC eating.

You can literally do anything if you want it bad enough. Yes, even when traveling.

You know me…….When I say I’m gonna do something. I’m gonna do it. Know what I mean?

Feeling proud and accomplished. Tomorrow is a rest day!!! Going to take FULL advantage!

HFLC Day 12 of 84

I was breathing heavy, snot running out of my nose, and my legs were shaking. No, I am not sick.  That was my workout today.  HA!

Fasted High intensity interval training (HIIT) with our trainer live and then followed up with 10 minutes of abs.  Just the way I like it….  QUICK and INTENSE.

Common misconceptions about fasting:

1. Your muscles will deteriorate

2.  You will starve yourself

3.  Breakfast is the most important meal of the day

This book is a great read to learn more about intermittent fasting and dispels the myths about it.

Today I broke my fast at a restaurant.  I had a burger (no bun, no sauce, no cheese) with an over easy egg on top and a side of Brussel sprouts.  Yes, it is possible to eat out at a restaurant and not have to sacrifice your goals.

Yesterday was the FIRST day so far that I was able to successfully eat ALL of the food I was supposed to.  WINNING!  It’s a lot of food!

Cheers to the weekend!

HFLC Day 11 of 84

Fasted workout DONE!  Did some weight lifting today.  I used 10 pounds and Amber used 15s!!!  SHE’S SO STRONG!  Love it!

Are you wondering WHY I prefer to do FASTED workouts?  I want ALL the human growth hormone!!!!  Check out this article by Dr. Axe.

Also, if you are NEW to this whole fasting thing…  Check this out

Cereal companies, McDonalds, etc want you to think that breakfast is the most important meal of the day because they want you to spend $$$$ on their product.  Do your research and give it a try for yourself.

My amount of food yesterday was WAY better.  I feel like maybe I go in cycles? Not so hungry one day, ravenous the next day.  Also, I’m about to get my period so that could be a contributing factor.

I had cauliflower rice, grass-fed (kerrygold) butter and 4 eggs to break my fast today.  It is so easy and effortless and it’s the easiest decision of my day!  The less decisions, the better….  RIGHT?!

Last night I had my FIRST craving.  It was for beer.  DOH!  It was a situational habit I picked up and now it’s just something I need to break.  When you are creating a new habit do the following:

  1.  Decide and commit for 30 days
  2. Recognize your triggers – don’t go there!
  3. Remove all temptations from your home
  4. Visualize the feeling you will get when you complete your goal
  5. Reward yourself along the way (healthy rewards – get a massage, go to a movie, get a new outfit, get a pedicure, etc)

GOOD LUCK!  You can do it too!


HFLC Day 10 of 84

I have to admit…  I am feeling really good.

Yesterday I DID NOT eat enough.  I am supposed to have 7 cups of vegetables and 7 (3/4 of a cup) cups of protein, 2 (1/2 of a cup) cups of carbs, 2 (1/3 of a cup) cups of fat, 8 tablespoons of oils/seeds/nuts.  It’s a lot!  Some days I have felt literally stuffed.

Also, yesterday I modified the workout quite a bit because my workout time was pushed back a bit so all I could think about was breaking my fast.  HA!  Happens.

I don’t have any cravings at all.  I still feel happy.  I am not tired but my muscles are a bit sore.

All in all our (smaller) team (11 of us) lost a total of 32 pounds in 1 week (and not everyone weighed themselves as it is not required again until week 3).  So that is kinda cool!  It’s NOT all about the number on the scale and the number does NOT define us, of course!  But we did take a moment to celebrate a little bit and then we got back to work.

HFLC Day 9 of 84

I’m not sure if I told you this but my husband is doing this 12 weeks with me.  His job is not physically demanding, but it is mentally draining and very long hours.  He’s stuck on a train for 10 hours a day.  So the other day I prepped 6 salads and 12 egg muffins for him.  It took 40 minutes start to finish and the best part??  I think he was very happy with me.

I got really lucky with this guy….  He supports me in everything I do and joins me for the ride.  I always tell him it was because I cast a love spell on him in high school.  HAHA!

He said he was feeling forgetful, irritable and tired last week.  These feelings are totally normal when you are going through this detox process.  Detox from all the processed foods.  A couple of years ago when I did this I was detoxing so hard, even though I wasn’t eating a bunch of sweets, cakes, or pastries either….  I had serious brain fog, forgetfulness, headaches.  But it DOES get better.  You get to a point where you feel so good you cannot believe you didn’t do it sooner and you never want to go back to feeling bad.

You know what my mindset was going into this?

  1.  I’m NOT quitting.  I WILL finish.  I do not care if it’s around Christmas, New Years AND my anniversary.
  2. I am STRONG and I CAN do hard things.
  3. I am going to feel amazing after accomplishing this challenge.  I am going to be so proud of myself.
  4. I will focus on my health.  Food is fuel, creating good habits for life, my daily choices, these things I will do for MYSELF.

HFLC Day 8 of 84

Remember when I was telling you about this 12 week beta test group that I wanted you to do with me?

 I wasn’t supposed to weigh and measure today but I was just curious. Because I feel really good.

So my mind is kinda blown right now.

****Just a disclaimer. I NEVER usually weigh myself but it’s a requirement for this program because we are collecting data from the 680 people in the group.****

Anyways. I’ve been blogging about my experience day by day on the blog of you are interested.

But here ya go….. one week results!!!

Down 7 pounds and 7 inches overall. Wow!

The best parts of this so far:

1. The community….we are supporting each other. We are not having to do it alone.

2. We know EXACTLY what to eat, when to eat it, and how much to eat based on where WE are each at as individuals.

3. We know exactly what workout to do every day.

Here are the benefits my team has said they are experiencing so far:

😁 clearer sinuses

😁 clearer skin

😁 sharper mental state

😁 energized

😁 better digestion

😁 less bloated

😁 decreased cravings

😁 feeling of happiness

You could say this is a game changer and yeah, it’s kinda a big deal!!! Thanks for following my journey and joining in my excitement! 🤗

HFLC Day 7 of 84

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh rest day!  After last weeks intense workouts I am welcoming this downtime.

We had a class on foam rolling in our private group today.  Very informative.  I am pretty sure many of us in the group didn’t know how to do foam rolling before this teaching.  The foam roller that they were using to demonstrate was this one:

I think I’m going to order this now!

What you want to do is hold it in a spot until the pain is less (like a level 5 on a scale of 1 to 10) and then roll 1 inch per second.  It’s super slow.  Roll 4 times up and down and 4 times side to side.  

I am also making sure to drink lots of water still….  I have been peeing A LOT.  But my body will adjust.  I am so bad at drinking water so I have to make a conscious effort to do it.

The food, drinks, fasting window has been a breeze so far.  I got my first BUTCHERBOX delivered and I tried the pork sausage and the bacon so far.  DELICIOUS!  You MUST try it if you haven’t already.  No sugar, no antibiotics, no nitrites/nitrates and grass-fed and grass finished!  I’m never shopping for meat at the grocery store again!  Click here.

Look at all this meat I got!!!

So, although I am sore in some spots, my body and mind feels good.  I’m not bloated, tired, constipated (some people have that issue), and no headaches.  I am happy and excited.

Week 3 is usually where I see the MOST change in the way my body looks.  So I am anxiously awaiting what is to come.