HFLC Day 6 of 84

Day 6 y’all!  Feeling great!  Got a fasted workout done before noon even though I slept in.  It was 25 minutes but a BUTT KICKER for sure.

Feels so good to have it done in the morning because then you have the rest of the day to do whatever and not worry about it.  My “whatever” will consist of a shower and my comfy bed with Shameless playing NON STOP.  HA!  This show kills me.  It’s sooooo funny.

Anyways, I digress…  Here was my first meal today…

Mostly protein and fat here…  Tiny bit of veggies with the fresh Pico de Gallo and spinach…  Barely enough to count.  So I’ll have to make sure I get TONS of vegetables in later.  I can do it!

I do not feel tired at all and I feel happy.

Tomorrow is a rest day from exercise so I will gladly take that on Day 7!

Thanks for being with me on this adventure!

HFLC Day 5 of 84

MUCH more energy today.  I was chomping at the bit this morning to do the workout.

I was fortunate enough to have my buddy, Amber, join me today for HIIT and abs.  It was TOUGH but we are still both still smiling!  By round 4 of 8 of the HIIT workout we were already huffing and puffing. It was FREAKIN TOUGH.

That being said, I’d MUCH rather do 23 minute of INTENSE exercise than hours and hours at a gym. Yup. I’m lazy like that. Or efficient. Yeah, efficient. I like that better.

And hear this. The exercise IS important, yes. But not as important as the food and drinks you consume.  So if you are trying to lose weight by exercising, change that thinking ASAP.

We both were in a fasted state.  Women benefit most from eating all of their food within an 8 or 10 hour window.  (I start eating at noon and stop by 8 PM)  Contrary to popular belief we don’t need to constantly graze all day long.  Give your body a chance to digest all of the food, repair itself, rest.

There are many good books on this subject but here are a few you can pick up to do the research for yourself.

HFLC Day 4 of 84

The word for the day is: TIRED!

Actually both Adam (husband) and I are pretty low energy today.  TOTALLY normal, so I’m not worried.  Have a touch of a headache but that might be due to lack of solid sleep…  (we keep watching Shameless on Netflix in the evenings and you know, once you start, you can’t stop!!!)

Did my fasted workout today (with weights) and it was HEAVILY modified.  Not only because my energy is low but my back is SUPER sore today and I have to teach dance fitness class TONIGHT!  We always bring the intensity so I have to have enough energy left in the tank for that.

Broke my fast at the normal time (around noon) with 2 cups of veggies and 3 eggs.  If you are new to fasting drink MORE water, black coffee, unsweetened tea to curb your appetite. Your body will adjust and NO your body won’t “eat” your muscles.  It’s a lot smarter than that.

Food yesterday was GOOD!  I ate all of the food I was supposed to and sometimes that is no easy task, it’s so much food!  7 cups of veggies, 7 (3/4 cups) protein, 8 ounces of unsweetened almond milk or a sweet potato, 1/2 an avocado, handful of nuts…..  Seriously, you won’t starve eating like this.

I don’t know if I have any time for a nap today but that sure sounds delightful!

HFLC Day 3 of 84

HA!  I took this picture RIGHT after I got my butt whooped by our trainer in the 12 week beta test group.  It was quick but it was TOUGH!  I just kept on saying in my mind, “it’s not going to be easy, but it’s going to be worth it”.

I got through it.  The muscles burning and the sweat is only temporary and actually, I am grateful I AM able to workout at all.  There are many people out there who would love to break a sweat but they cannot due to physical limitations.

So still going strong on Day 3.  I ate very well yesterday and ALMOST ate all the food I was supposed to.  It’s a LOTTA food!

The fasting is still a non issue since I had already been doing that for a long time beforehand.

Feeling good!  Feeling strong!  Feeling PROUD!


HFLC Day 2 of 84

Update for you….  Yesterday went well except for the fact that I didn’t EAT enough!!!!  Ever have that problem??  HA!  Seriously, you will not starve eating this way.

I used to eat Smart Ones frozen meals that left me starving an hour later.  Sad. I thought those were healthy because they were low in calories.  It’s amazing how WELL these companies can brainwash us into thinking their “product” is good for us.

Intermittent fasting is a daily part of my life and was before I started the 12 week beta test group.  So that was not a struggle for me to adjust to.  But if you are just starting out with intermittent fasting start with eating your food in a 10 hour window and then slowly reduce the amount of time.  I eat all of my meals in an 8 hour window and it works really well for me but you could STILL get benefits from eating your food within a 10 hour window!  Give your body a chance to digest, rest and repair.

Got a fasted workout (with weights) in today this morning and I would highly recommend that you give it a try.  Doing a fasted workout has all kinds of benefits!  Check it out for yourself.

Cheers to DAY 2!  The team is doing well and I’m so proud of them for starting this with me!  Pretty cool movement we are starting here!

HFLC Day 1 of 84

OK!!!!   It’s officially “GO” time.  If you haven’t been following me on Facebook, let me get you up to speed.

I’m doing a 12 week beta test group with about 700 of my friends.  It’s higher fat, lower carb plus intermittent fasting for 12 weeks.  Oh, and also, add in some HIIT workouts every day (except Sunday) too.  Yes, it will be OVER the holidays (Christmas and New Years).

I have submitted my first round of pics, measurements, weight, blood work, and blood pressure and I have to say I’m pretty PUMPED about this.  I get really excited by these challenges.  If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you right!?!?

This is going to be something sooooo special and I cannot wait to share the journey with you.  Most of all the results!  Because I know it’s going to be AWESOME!

The first week is always a breeze…  It’s the subsequent weeks that get tricky.  So can you forgive me if I get cranky?  HAHAHA!

Get the popcorn ready!

Before you start your new healthy lifestyle

Some things I’m doing in preparation for my 12 week beta test group.  You can use this in your life for any upcoming challenge you are going to tackle.

1. Getting my mind right!!! Seriously, this is so important to set myself up for success. I will fully commit. I will not fail, even when it gets hard. There will be times when I might get crabby or have cravings. I know it will pass.

2. Evaluating my current habits. Pizza and beer Friday’s. And beer Wednesday’s. Or Thursdays. The point is….. being aware. Be aware of what changes I am going to need to make.

3. Setup reward check points. At milestone 3, 6, 9, and 12 I’m going to give myself a pat on the back with a reward. And no, the reward isn’t a cupcake or a pizza. You better believe there’s going to be a massage in there at some point!!!

4. Get plugged into a support group. Honestly, this challenge will not be easy so I’m going to need to have other people doing it with me. So that when I have a hard day and think “eff it!!!! Gimme all the pizza and beer”, I can lean on my buddies to talk me down off the ledge.

5. Really get clear on WHY. I am doing this for a few reasons…… to help the greater good, to challenge myself in new ways, to get out of bad habits I’ve picked up, to change my mind and body even more! It’s very exciting!

6. Start making tiny steps before start date. I am definitely not going to binge eat a bunch of sugary stuff or carb load myself to death because that is only going to make the transition and detox even WORSE!

7. Talk to my husband. I had a conversation with my husband about my plans so that he knows what’s up. And also, he even decided to join me. What a great guy!!!!

There you go!!!! Now you can face your challenges too!!! Wish me luck!!!!

All RIGHT STOP… Collaborate and Listen

BEFORE YOU START!  Did you read the first half of this interview with Ashley HERE? You’ll want to before you start this one!

I met Ashley at one of my dance fitness classes.  Week after week we danced together (or had therapy, as I like to call it) and I came to learn more and more about her, as with any friendship goes… I loved her wit, her funny comebacks and comments, her ability to go with the flow when we had WAY too many people in the tiny room that we had available to us (picture a dance club, packed full of sweaty people and no space to really bust a move!  HA!  It was like that minus the booze).  We ended up becoming friends in no time at all….

Although we are in different industries…  We are both small business owners and that has been fun collaborating on projects and bouncing ideas off of each other.  When you have a friend who can give you feedback regarding your business honestly, it’s invaluable.  We can be vulnerable with one another and know that any advice comes from a place of love and respect.  It’s something I do not take for granted.

Ashley takes all of my professional photos and I just couldn’t have it any other way.

Please take a few minutes to watch the video she created from my last session and then read HER side of the story below!

What do you do?

I’m a portrait photographer that specializes in contemporary, magazine style, woman’s portraiture. I LOVE working one-on-one with women.

How did you get into that?

I’ve always had a camera in my hand, just like my grandmother. She had dozens of albums I would sit in her closet and go through as a child. So photography has always been a hobby. A few years ago I quit a design job I had and was photographing a family friend. She suggested I do THIS as a business. I was so shocked, why I had I NEVER thought of that? Duh moment. I made the decision that week and in Nov. it will now be 5 years!!!

Do you have a website?


What do you use for social media?

Instagram and Facebook



Who chooses the hair and makeup?

I have a pre-session consultation with all of my clients. During that time we talk about hair, makeup and wardrobe. We talk about how the normally wear their hair, how they’d DREAM to have it, if they wear makeup normally, and how they’d like it done for images. I have guides we go through to look at options too. I try to make the decision process as easy as possible! Then when my stylist is here we go over everything again and tweak anything we need to.

How did you decide on the location?

The last images I did for Stacey included one of the most EPIC shots I’ve taken to date. I was incredibly nervous to try to top that! Then I decided that is not my goal. My goal is to give her the best experience ever, make her 100% comfortable in front of my lens, and create work with her that she’ll love.

What’s it like photographing a friend?

There is only one big difference for me. When it’s a friend I know their true, genuine smile. So when they start to show that awkward, tense smile I get right to the point and tell them to stop! 😉 Which usually leads to a laugh and I get a real smile!

What does your tagline #existinphotos mean? 

It’s something I got from my mentor. Most women hate having their photo taken. There’s always an excuse; I need to lose weight, I’m not photogenic, no one wants photos of me, etc. And this is what I say EVERY.DAMN.TIME:

  1. I can knock of 20lbs just in posing you.
  2. I can make EVERYONE photogenic
  3. Your family does.

One day when your family is looking for photos of you, what will they find? It’s a hard truth to hear. But I hope it makes women really stop and think. No one that loves you cares about your weight. No one that loves you thinks you aren’t pretty enough. So do yourself a favor let my stylists and I pamper you for an afternoon. You are worth it. You deserve it.

To read the rest of this interview head over to Ashley’s blog HERE!

Who am I?

I’ve been reading the book “Love Warrior” by Glennon Doyle. She posed a question to herself. She simply asked “who am I?  Without the work I do or the people I love, who am I?”.  

Well this threw me for a loop!  We all define ourselves by who we love and what we do!!!!  All the time!!  I’m a wife, I’m a mother, I’m a sister, I’m a friend, I’m a secretary, I’m a doctor, I’m a teacher.  I talked about this in a related blog post and I know (now) the universe was preparing me for things to come.

Try it once, right now.  When you meet someone new and you’re doing your regular introductions, imagine for a moment, what do you say to them?  Do you describe yourself in those terms I mentioned above?

It’s hard right?

I’ve described myself in the past as a wife, a mother, I have a Bachelors Degree of Science in Information Technology and I’m a Project Leader for a global company.  Well, that WHOLE thing has to be redone!  Can you believe I described myself this way for most of my adult life?

So my mission today is to write in my journal WHO I ACTUALLY AM.  Am I just a somewhat happy/introverted human being?  HA!

You should try the same!  Or better yet, tell me in the comments so I can get ideas. Bahahahaha!

Life’s a beach?

I heard this the other day: ‘The best students get the most challenges

I dunno if that’s true but I do know I’ve had a lot of challenges. I’m sure you have too. It’s part of life! Right?

☔️my second mom, my grandma, died from cancer

☔️my best friend in high school died from anorexia. I couldn’t get myself to go to the funeral because I was devastated and I felt like I let her down

☔️I grew up in a very fear based church with a lot of restrictions and purposeful isolation from outsiders

☔️left the church at 16 years old, lost most of my friends and was told I was going to hell. That wasn’t fun

☔️I got married the first time around for the wrong reasons. I was pregnant and pretty much made him do it

☔️I had 2 miscarriages

☔️I got divorced. It was ugly

☔️I numbed my feelings with alcohol and food. It was bad

☔️got laid off from my corporate job after 16 years

☔️I have had feelings (in the past) that I’d be better off dead. (Sorry mom!)

🌈 But my point in telling you all these things is not to make you feel bad for me. Or to say my problems are so bad or worse than yours (there are many people with worse problems for sure!)

🌟 It’s to say that I’m still standing after all that, still trying, growing through the challenges……I am learning all the lessons I possibly can while I’m still here! (And Hopefully) Positively impacting the world around me.

☀️ It’s never too late to decide to change your life around, make amends or help someone else!