Trust the process

After a day of not eating/drinking on my HFLC plan it takes me up to 3 days to ‘feel’ better depends on how poorly I ate. Usually after a couple days I will feel Less bloated and puffy, sluggish, tired, etc. 

But often I do have a meal each weekend that consists of carbs. Whether it be some bread or pizza. Sometimes dessert (although I’m not big on dessert). I earn it by eating good, healthy food all week long. 

I’m trying to treat my body well so I can get back to feelin awesome. It’s amazing what good food can do for you. Trusting the process and making good choices. 


Best J-O-B ever…

These days most people are heads down and looking at a phone anyways. Why not use that cellphone and time to build your own dream? It is really a no-brainer. The requirements are the following:

1. You workout for 30 minutes per day and eat healthy whole foods

2. You tell people about what program you’re doing and how they can join you

3. Work on yourself with personal development

4. Help other people stay accountable so they can reach their fitness goals and recognize their hard work

It is that simple. Get healthy, help other people and make a living at the same time.  Contact me via the contact me or coach application or post your email below. 

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Healthy pancakes?!??!??

Pancakes that you don’t have to feel bad about eating. Actually. You can feel GOOD about it. 
I’m so happy right now!!! Yum!

1 banana

2 eggs

1 scoop of vanilla shakeology

That’s it!  If you’d like to get some shakeology email me and I can hook you up!  Super foods to the rescue!


I’m a fighter… Are you with me?

5 facts about positive people

1. They don’t just have a good day. They MAKE a good day. 

2. The past stays in the past. 

3. They are empowered. They do not blame others and are not victims. 

5. They do not let fear interfere with their lives. 

We all have challenges and obstacles in life. How you handle those challenges can make or break ya. What kinds of things have YOU overcome?  

I’ll start with part of my story and then you go. I’d love to know. 

I had 3 children while in a loveless and empty marriage, was emotionally and mentally abused for years, had my 3 little kids kidnapped from me by my ex husband for weeks and taken to another state, got divorced, had to take out a loan for thousands of dollars to pay for a lawyer, lost my house to foreclosure and moved into a 2 bedroom apartment with my 3 kids, self medicated myself with alcohol to numb the pain, filed for bankruptcy….  

When I say I have changed my life, I’m not kidding. Now your turn.

#fighter #positivity

Electricity is good

The struggle this past week has been crazy!!! Since we lost power early Thursday AM I have been all out of sorts!!! No routine, no schedule, no ability to work, do my Piyo, focus etc. I’m sure all of my local friends have been feeling that way too. 
I’m excited to tell you the power and Internet have been restored here at our place thanks to all the people working overtime to get the trees and power lines cleaned up. 
What a relief it will be to get back to normal around here!!! Some people are still without power!!! I make really good over easy eggs if you want me to cook you up some! Or #bulletproof coffee. 

Ch, ch, ch, changes

The other day A friend of mine sent me this old picture of myself. Immediately I thought ‘ugh!!!’ Why did she have to send that to me!!!!? 😡

You might not see it. But I was ashamed, embarrassed, hated it, disgusted. So unhappy. 😢 obviously! I couldn’t even crack a smile! 😔

But then I was reminded at how far I have come from that point. Sometimes we cannot see the change that is right in front of our own eyes. 👀

Overcoming challenges, an internal battle against myself. It takes strength and perseverance to do that. I guess I should be proud of this instead of super ashamed. I’ve come a long way. Still working hard every day. And having treats every once and awhile too. Like pizza. Haha. 🍕

It’s not impossible, friends. I’m gonna keep getting better and better. Healthier and stronger. I’m going to help hundreds of people do the same thing. #transformation


90% nutrition and 10% exercise. If you start a program and don’t have the nutrition part down, you will only get so far. People ask me quite a bit, ‘how can I get rid of my belly’. While you cannot lose only one part of your bod, The answer is your nutrition. 

And eating healthy doesn’t have to taste bad. Promise. This was our delicious dinner tonight. Not feeling deprived at all. 

Im kicking myself into high gear again! Want to do this with me and my team of rockstars? #nutrition

Please meet my friend, Heidi 

If you have considered joining us but have been too scared or intimated, please do not be afraid. The support of our community is the KEY! Daily motivation, encouragement and accountability is the best way to be successful in YOUR GOALS and YOUR ‘WHY’!  
Please meet my sweet friend and workout buddy, Heidi. The way that she has said this is perfect.
You don’t need an expensive gym membership or personal trainer. Workout in the comfort of your own home so you can get it done when your schedule allows. No waiting for equipment, people watching you, or trying to figure out what to do.   
Just message me and we can talk about your goals.

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Changing lives

My life has been completely changed…I get to work with amazing people and do what I love. Do you? 🤔

If you hesitated or your answer was NO….. Maybe you need a change too!! Want to know what an online fitness coach/motivator does? We are looking for people who want to change their lives for the better. 🙋🏽

And NO you do not need any experience. We will train you! You DO have to love helping people though. 🌺

It does not cost you anything to listen ❤️❤️ 

Just comment with your email address or message me on here and I’ll connect with you 💋. #fitness #nutrition