Are you gonna eat that?

3 times per day we get to express our values through food. -Michael Pollan 

Wow!!! That’s powerful, don’t you think? Your values as it applies to how the food is produced and also the value of yourself. Do you buy local fruit, vegetables and meat from farmers in your area? Are you a vegetarian or vegan?  I’m not judging you. These are just personal choices. Choices that YOU ALONE have in your power.

As a recovering food addict, this was an interesting topic to me.
Moving towards the food as fuel mindset and food freedom was not something that happened overnight for me. To be honest, I didn’t know I was a food addict when I was in the middle of it. I was just depressed, that’s all I knew.

So this process of self experimentation happened over the course of MONTHS. Why?  Because you will not and cannot see the effects of the food you put into your mouth until it creates the compound effect. Meaning, when I was obese, I worked very hard at eating a lot of bread, pizza, pasta, sugary drinks, chips, and the like. So conversely, I have to see what my body’s reaction to a different way of eating would be like over a period of weeks or months.
So what is mindful eating? When you are preparing food or out to eat at a restaurant…..

Think to yourself:

Why am I eating this?

Is it helping my body get the fuel it needs to run at its best?

Am I going to feel regretful later?

Am I eating this because I’m happy?

Am I eating this because I’m sad or depressed?

Am I bored?

I’m not saying never have treats. I’m just encouraging mindfulness eating. There are times when I will be thinking about having a crusty baguette sandwich or pizza over and over for a week and I definitely have it and it doesn’t send me spiraling out of control (anymore). These are just cravings and I can either control my mind or it can control me.

The majority (meaning 80-90 percent) of time, I stick to LCHF plus intermittent fasting. 

No one way of eating works for everyone and the only way you can figure it out is by trying different ways.

That being said….. I really believe in the benefits of a no sugar / no grains lifestyle.
I’m not claiming to be a fancy, know-it-all-expert and I’m not telling you what to do, just sharing what worked for me and the process I went through in hopes to help.

So give it a shot! Over the next week try being mindful at every meal. Pay attention to how you feel, the smells, and savor the taste. Tell me how it goes!  I want to hear back from you.

I accepted being fat

I was about 210-215 pounds at my heaviest. I had come to accept that I was just going to be fat. The fat and funny one…. Or at least trying to be funny.  I put on a total confidence facade. Pretending to be ‘A’OK’ with being over 200 pounds. 

I gave away all my ‘skinny’ clothes because I would surely never fit into those again. The sizes I kept buying kept going UP, I swore ‘those damn stores keep changing their sizing!!!’

I gave up on family pictures because I was the fat one. So I was always the one TAKING the pictures rather than being in them.

If someone forced me to be in a picture I would try to hide in the back of the other people.

When friends or family posted pictures of me on Facebook and tag me I would cringe. Thinking ‘everyone in the whole world is gonna see this!!!’  Uggggh. No!!!!  Why did they HAVE to post this!!????

Mentally, I was a disaster. Depressed and suffering on the inside. But on the outside I appeared happy to everyone else. I was a total bitch to my husband most of the time and I never wanted intimacy. I was even short with my kids. Cause I hated myself.

I did not KNOW that I could get control of it. The bingeing, food addiction, eating the wrong food and alcohol problems. I did not know that I didn’t need to kill myself in the gym. In fact, I was already doing that. Teaching so many intense dance classes per week. Nothing was working!!!

Just wanted to write this to give you the chance to hope. It can get a lot better and you can be happier and healthier.

Parents especially tend to put ourselves at the back of the list. Taking care of everything and everyone before US. That takes a toll on us mentally, physically and emotionally. We really gotta stop doing that. Take care of YOU first, then help everyone else.

You are a GOOD person. And you deserve to be happy!

You can do it!!!!!  Go team!!!

It’s not this OR that

It’s not work out at home OR work out in a gym.
It’s not work out alone OR work out with friends.

It can be both!  In fact, I do both.  I love both.

I like working out alone at home AND I like working out with friends. Or a group. Or a class.  Click here to get started!  12 months of access breaks down to $16.66 per month. This is expiring at the end of February and I don’t want you to miss out!

How do you work out?

Who are the cool kids


In high school we categorize ourselves…  trying so desperately to find where we fit…  Athlete, nerd, bank geek, partiers, etc.  How did you classify yourself?  I guess I would classify myself as an athlete/bank geek.  I got along with everyone, I think… always including people no matter if they were different from me even though I was taught to do things differently than that (albeit not explicitly).  I wasn’t the smartest, prettiest, most popular or the best athlete…  I was just average, pretty quiet and super duper religious.  Honestly, I was happy to leave that phase of my life behind and move onto other things.  I left high school a year early to go to college 2 hours away.  I wasn’t sad about it at all except that I had to leave my mom.  I was ready to grow up and get on with it at 16 years young.  I always wonder what my mom was thinking letting me go off on my own.  I think she told me once “there was nothing I could do to stop you.”  That’s true.

My oldest daughter has struggled this year finding out how she fits into her world.  It’s kinda sad…  She has come home crying because ‘so and so’ isn’t talking to her anymore.  Or ‘so and so’ sat at her spot at the lunch table and she had to sit somewhere else by herself.  Or heavier topics like ‘so and so’ has made negative comments about gays and (she) hates it.  She’ll make comments like “She’s one of the popular girls”.  I feel bad for her…  but I guess it’s all a part of growing up.  I didn’t like it either.  It’s awkward and painful.  Seems like a waste of energy looking back at it now.  I try to explain to her, but it doesn’t really seem to sink in.

Adam (my husband) asked me the other day.  “What life experience do you have to cry about when you tell YOUR story?  Are you going to get up on stage and tell your sad story and then go into how you turned it all around into this magnificent triumph?  You don’t have anything to cry about.”  ha!  He’s funny, hey?  Looking back on my life so far, I would say…  it wasn’t easy but I am fine with that.  My parents divorced, my grandma died, my best friend died, I left my church, was shunned by family and friends, had 2 miscarriages, got divorced, my kids were kidnapped by their dad and held away from me, filed for bankruptcy, abused my body with food, drugs and alcohol, was a functionally depressed single mother, and my sister was diagnosed with an incurable disease.  I’d have to say I have had a life full of hard lessons.  I’m not crying about it though (except for my sister’s disease, I cry and complain about that all the time).  All these things made me tough and who I am.  And there is always someone else with harder problems than these.

I think the cool kids are the ones who have gone through the worst of times, picked themselves up, gotten stronger in the process and rocked at life in their own way.  That’s COOL and interesting to me.  Life can be super hard and challenging.  I like the cool kids who have looked at defeat in the face, laughed and said “not today defeat, not today.”

Passion meets purpose

You KNOW when you’re on the right track in life when you would do what you are doing for people for FREE because you LOVE it so much!  

This week my friend, Ashley, invited me to a live broadcast with her mentor in life and business (Sue Bryce). It was several photographers creating fine art LIVE. It was fascinating to watch. I absolutely love looking at professional photography and I really believe it is an art. (Shameless plug: my friend, Ashley, takes amazing photos and you can find her at 

What I wasn’t expecting to get was LIFE LESSONS from this broadcast. But I did. Basically, Sue was talking about purpose and passion and said if you love doing xyz then DO IT!  Do not let anything or anyone stop you. Find a way to do what you love no matter what. She had tears while explaining that no one could possibly stop her from doing what she absolutely loves doing…. teaching. Powerful!  

It made me realize that I was in the right place because before I officially started mentoring as a career, I was helping people with their nutrition (personalized meal plans based on foods THEY like, how to cook food and HOW to grocery shop) for free!!  You know you REALLY love WHAT YOU DO when that is happening. Right?!

I LOVE going above and beyond for the people on my team. What I really hated was when the superfit people out there would tell me “just eat clean and train mean.”  That left me feeling defeated and I didn’t know where to start. So now I try to help people understand what that means. Going step by step. So they don’t have to feel that way!! 

So whatever it is that YOU LOVE to do, you need to do it……  No matter WHAT!!  Do not quit. 😘

I’d love for you to join me if this sounds interesting to you. 

Real talk:  breasts

I bet from the title you know what this is about. Nothing vulgar. I promise. But just real life.  Guys, no reason for you to read on….This is for the ladies…..

After I had my first daughter I was huge. I mean, I was not one of those cute pregnant girls. I was a mess. Emotionally and physically. My breasts were like two more giant heads on my chest. I was miserable. Then 2 more kids. Still no change. Still miserable. I thought I was destined to have these giant breasts for the rest of my life. All consumed in my new life purpose of caring for the little humans I forgot all about myself. I mean, totally. 

Now, some people would be jumping for joy about this. I, however, was not. I was an athlete in my high school days. Volleyball, basketball and skiing. After high school I played LOTS of competitive volleyball (think 6-7 days per week without blinking an eye.  Sometimes for 8 hours at a time). Coached junior Olympic volleyball for several years with THE best club team in Milwaukee, at the time. I was in the best shape of my life when I was coaching and playing back then. It’s quite a workout hitting balls at kids for 3 hours. Ha!  

Running and jumping around with big breasts is NOT fun. You know, ladies, it HURTS!  I would wear TWO bras ALL THE TIME. It was normal for me. Or minimizers to squish them down. ☹️

So needless to say, I was not used to this new body I was walking around in. It felt strange. 

So once I changed my life around, I noticed LOTS of changes in my bod.  BIG change in my breasts too. Once 36DDD now to a 34C or 34D depending on the brand. Isn’t that crazy?  

I have to say it’s pretty fun shopping for bras and swimming suit tops now. 

I am really digging Victoria’s Secret for the first time ever. It’s kinda cool. And I think I can get rid of those Bali minimizer bras now. 😂

What’s your favorite kind of bra or swimming suit top?  

Dirty jobs

First of all, thank you for following my journey. I appreciate you being here. If you think that this information could help someone else, please feel free to share this. 

My mom is the hardest worker I know. She taught me all about how to work hard and how to have fun doing it. When I was 15 I didn’t have a license but I wanted to start working. So she graciously drove me to my first job: cleaning cabins at a resort. Not only that but she helped me clean them too!  Can you believe that?!  What kind of sweet and awesome mom does that?!?  Mine. Yeah, I know, I’m lucky. 

I have worked in corporate America for about 16 years now. I have given blood, sweat and literally tears for this company. I feel like all of my ‘jobs’ have prepared me for the moment that I work for MYSELF instead of some big corporation. Thankful for all of my jobs. 

⭐️ Cleaning cabins taught me about hard work. I cleaned some pretty nasty bathrooms 🚽😵

⭐️ Working at a fast food joint taught me about friendship believe it or not. 

⭐️  Working at a television station taught me about all the effort that goes on behind the scenes to make something look flawless. And timing is everything. 

⭐️ Working at a chemical company taught me about my desire to learn everything and keep evolving. 

⭐️ Working as an inside sales person for a copy machine company taught me about rejection. 

⭐️ Working as an IT leader taught me about managing people and how to make things happen. 

⭐️ Working as a fitness professional taught me about my REAL passion in life. 

What was your least favorite and your favorite jobs?

And tell me, what is YOUR dream job?

What if…

I asked my husband this question….  what would you do with all of your time if you had no job but had all the money you ever needed/wanted. Would you be bored?  Do you have a hobby that you’d like to pursue?  Do you feel like you need to have a job as an engineer driving trains in order to feel ‘defined’ in your life. Does making X amount of money per year make you feel like a badass?   What do you need all this money and all these things for?

This question has been gnawing on my mind since we arrived here in Mexico. If you had more time, would you take up photography or surfboarding or running a marathon or painting or kickboxing?  Just because it’s something you’ve always wanted to do?  

I think the main reason why this is giving me such a problem is because I feel the emotional pain and toll of the economic ‘wheel’. Contributing to the machine, if you will. They say the opposite of happiness is boredom. So if you do not have work to do are you constantly bored because you have no hobbies?  Where do you find your PURPOSE. 

You probably haven’t even thought of what you like to do because there is not enough time. Isn’t that something???  You probably don’t even KNOW what YOU want to do. What makes YOU happy. There’s not even a moment to think. We are constantly thinking where do I have to be now?  Where am I going?  What do I have to do now?  Who needs to be where?  What piece of crap item do I need to buy now to make me or my family happy?  All the while forgetting about what actually makes us happy. 

We live in this world of CONSTANT information and it is irrelevant. Think about this for a second. 90% of the information that you are consuming is actually worthless. 

1. Are you going to spring into action based on something you saw on the news?  The majority will not do a damn thing. 

2. Are you going to quit your job and move to another country because we have a new president?  Probably not. 

3. Is the Facebook status of one of your friends going to change your opinion on anything whatsoever?  Most likely no. 

So what good is consuming this information?  

How I ate out at restaurants on Whole30

My first Whole30 I was terrified about eating at a restaurant. But after that my second and third Whole30s were a breeze.

Some tips that might help you cope with this situation.
1. Check the menu ahead of time. Make a note of what you’d like. (You know the rules! check rules). Make a note of the questions you’d ask the waitress or waiter.

2. Be honest. Tell the waitress or waiter that you don’t have an allergy (unless you actually do, then definitely tell the truth and the severity). Tell the person waiting on you that you’re trying to eat Whole30 and you really need their help. And ask them all the questions you noted down.

3. Bring your own condiments. Whether you made your own ketchup, dressing or mayo or you purchased a Whole30 premade product or its straight olive oil (my favorite olive oil is villa cappelli). Including bring your own seasoning, ghee and even salt. There are some idolized salts that has dextrose or maltodextrin added to it. This way you will know for sure what is in the condiment/seasoning.

4. Tip big. Someone waiting on you might have to take extra time to answer questions and explain how things are cooked, cooked in what and what seasoning they use. They deserve to be compensated for that.

5. Quick restaurants.

Chipotle (carnitas, pico/salsa, lettuce and guacamole….yes, we know the guac is extra!). Don’t get the vegetables because they are cooked in vegetable oil. All other meats, other than carnitas, have sugar in them.

Culver’s (grilled chicken salad… no dressing, croutons and no cheese, of course. Bring your own olive oil and ask for a couple lemon slices.

Hardee’s. Grassfed beef burger on lettuce wrap, yellow mustard, raw onions, pickles and a lettuce wrap.

Subway. Every vegetable on the list. Olive oil, vinegar for dressing. Bring your own nuts to put on top (almonds, sunflower, walnuts, almonds, cashews, etc. no peanuts!) 😊

Gas stations. Carrots, hard boiled eggs, almonds (check label carefully), apples, oranges, bananas, berries

Good luck!!!!

This does not excite me

While I am busy building my fitness business, I’m also still currently working in corporate America. A global Fortune 500 company. I have been there for 16 years. Quite a long time considering there have been multiple layoffs throughout the years, I’ve managed to avoid getting the pink slip. Call it being in the right place at the right time, chance, luck. 

I do have to say that I’m grateful for the time that I’ve spent at this job. I’ve had pretty good managers. Worked with some very nice people. It has provided for me and my family. 

But this job does not excite me.  It doesn’t light a fire in my soul and make me feel good about waking up every day. I don’t live for writing and running test strips, hearing suppliers complain to me every day about applications that don’t work, running calls for an entire year with no complete resolution to open system issues. (Sorry John, if you’re reading this)

What DOES excite me???  Changing people’s LIVES!  

This actually excites me!!!!  It lights my SOUL ON FIRE!  I work hard for the people on my team. I show up every single day and stay up late into the night because I love it, I’m passionate about it, I’m passionate about these lives. 

Just knowing that I can make a difference, enable these women to have more confidence, get happier and healthier, change their eating habits for the better, increase the amount of fitness in their lives is a complete blessing and I don’t take it for granted. 

This is what I love to do. I was meant to do this   

This is my evidence file. Chalene Johnson told me that I should keep these pieces of evidence to remind myself of all the good things that I have done. I’m taking her advice. 

Did you know that everyone needs support to be successful?  Whether you are running a business and you need a business coach or additional training seminars, or you’re struggling in life and need a counselor, or you’re a professional athlete…you don’t just all of a sudden decide that you don’t need your coach anymore and you got it from here. 
If you’d like to have some purpose in your life instead of the old hum drum life of scrolling mindlessly through Facebook and Instagram or playing candy crush all day like I used to do. Then join me and my teammates, hit me up.

Can some people do it all on their own?  Sure. But not many will. And It’s way more fun WITH friends who are on the same journey.