SISU: determination, bravery, courage, perseverance, strength and resilience.

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“SISU” – determination, bravery, courage, perseverance, strength and resilience…this is what we are all about.

Team SISU is made up of wonderful individuals from various backgrounds that inspire and motivate to make a difference in other people’s lives everyday. We live in a faced paced world where we are stressed out, our jobs are demanding, and we still have our families to take care of.  In the midst of all of our daily responsibilities we need to make the time to take care of ourselves too.  Our team is there to support us through the obstacles and challenges that life throws at us.  We become stronger together.  Stronger physically AND mentally.  Our team provides support, training and positive interaction so we can all be successful.

We are authentic, real, and are a family.  We celebrate all of our successes and help each other to become good leaders.  We love the diversity each individual brings to the table and encourage everyone to be true to themselves.

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Fitness Enthusiasts and Professionals - This is for YOU
I know that you love health and fitness.
I own an online fitness business that helps others with their fitness, nutrition and accountability.

I do this from my iPhone and my computer anywhere I choose because the World Wide Web is a BIG place and there are LOTS of people to help hit their goals.

I want you to allow me to share with you how to take that passion and turn it into a thriving online business you are proud of!

Where do you want to be in a year? What steps are you taking to get there?
I will take you through a sneak peek of what I do. If you have a heart for helping other people and you love fitness. You're going to want to see this.
It is extremely tough to make a substantial living in the fitness industry. Gym owners and personal trainers are limited by their demographics and those trying to create their own products battle because you can find workouts and meal plans all over the internet for FREE.

Becoming an online fitness coach takes away those obstacles. It's a fact that the more people you help, the more money you will make. When you have the Internet as your audience and a way to help people virtually, your reach and income is exponential.

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