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Are you counting calories?  Do this instead

Personally, I don’t think counting calories is sustainable for life and it’s definitely not enjoyable. For me, it created a monster. Hyper-analyzing every little morsel that passed my lips. Making me crazy if my calories were too high and then I would subsequently beat the crap out of myself mentally. ‘Well, there you go again. […]

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No brainer

Sirius – $240yr Amazon Prime – $100yr Gym Membership – $600yr Costco Executive Membership – $110yr Netflix Premium – $144yr AAA Premier Membership – $126yr Dailyburn – $156yr Personal Trainer 5 days a week – $18,000yr Weight Watchers Online Plus – $720yr (still need exercise support and food) Jenny Craig – $305yr (with no access […]

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Why I don’t like weight watchers

This blog might make some people upset. So let me preface before we go any further. These are my opinions only. What I have heard from others. And my experiences. 😘 Okay. Let’s get started. I have heard people tell me the following about WW ‘I never learned how to change the way I was […]

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